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Green River Pop Quiz Answers

by Kristl 17. May 2016 01:30
Question #1
What is the name of this man made feature?

C. Crystal Geyser
This geyser was formed when an exploratory oil well was drilled nearly 2400 feet deep.  Many vandals have since thrown in rocks and other objects, so the geyeser is only about 600 feet deep now.  The debris has also hinders the eruptions of this cold water Carbon Dioxide geyser.
Question #2:
Where can this pictograph be found?

A. The Gates of Lodore

These pictographs are found near Jone's Creek in an area called Deluge Shelter.
  Question #3:
Where can you see this granary?

B. Stillwater Canyon

One of the more protected and seldomly seen structures along the Green River between Mineral Bottom and the Confluence with the Colorado River.  Check out one of our Hiker's Special trips to see this granary.
  Question #4:
Where can these old boots be found?

A. Rock Creek Ranch

Who knew that leather could hold it's shape so long?  There are many other artifacts on display at the Rock Creek Ranch, including cooking tools, farming implements and other things that were used daily by the cowboys at the Rock Creek Ranch.
  Question #5:
Where can you find these petroglyphs?

B. Stillwater Canyon

Found near Anderson Bottom.
  Question #6:
Where can this inscription be found?

C. Gates of Lodore

This was left by Amos Burg, Buzz Holmstrom and Phil Lundstrom in September of 1938.  
  Question #7:
Where is this ancient dwelling located?

A. Stillwater Canyon

If you love hiking, you'll love the 6 day Hiker's special trip on the Green and Colorado Rivers.
  Question #8:
Where can you find this petroglyph panel?

C. Desolation Canyon
  Question #9:
This is a picture of:

A. A Petroglyph

Petroglyphs and Pictographs...what is the difference?  

Petroglyphs are carved or pecked into rock surfaces.
Pictographs are painted on.

Question #10:
Where is this inscription found?

A. Labyrinth Canyon

While these inscriptions are quite fun to find out in the middle of nowhere, and are now pieces of history, it is illegal to leave similar markings now.  Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are working hark to educate people about the damage that these tags do to the pristine beauty of the parks.  Removing even a small inscription takes a lot of time and is quite difficult to do without damaging the stone.  

Please, leave only footprints, take only pictures.


Spring has Sprung!

by Kristl 10. March 2016 08:06

Spring Has Sprung in Moab!

We are currently shaking off the cold and snow of winter, and LOVING the warm Spring weather here in Moab. Spring in Moab also means that our little town comes back to life and we start seeing lots of new faces!
             We've been looking for new guides, and we've found some great people who are excited to be getting out on the water this summer. We're also excited to see a lot of familiar faces making their way back to Moab as they finish up their winter employment and head for the sun!
Not only are river guides making their way back to Moab, many guests and long-time friends are coming into town to enjoy some of the great spring activities! With Spring Break comes Jeep Safari (Number 50 this year!!), The Skinny Tire Festival, The Moab Half Marathon, the April Action Car Show and RAFTING!! (OF COURSE!!)

Spring is a great time to start rafting near Moab. Westwater Canyon is really great in March and April with few crowds, lots of wildlife and fun whitewater. We include wetsuits and splash gear on all of our spring rafting trips. The Moab Daily Rafting trips are also really fun due to smaller crowds and mild whitewater. Check out one of these options if you are going to be in Moab during spring break!
If you want to wait just a bit for things to warm up, and you love YOGA, check out our Yoga In the Park trip in Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River.
Another trip option for early May is our Whitewater School Rafting trip. Have you ever wanted to learn all about whitewater rafting and what it really takes to put on a great rafting trip? Whitewater School is for you! We train in reading water, rowing boats, outdoor cooking, camping, history, geology and games!               

If you can't tell, we are excited for spring to finally get here!  There are lots of ways to get out and play in the beautiful spring weather, and we aim to take advantage of as many of them as we can. We encourage you to do the same!


POP Quiz Answers--Colorado River Edition

by Kristl 29. February 2016 06:44
So, we sent out a newsletter with a Colorado River Pop Quiz.  Here are the answers to the quiz!
Question #1
Where can this marker be found?
B. Cataract Canyon

These markers can be found along the canyon where they were placed during the 2004 geological survey.  In a few years, they will be used for another survey.
Question #2:
Where can this pictograph be found?
C. McDonald Canyon

We see this pictograph on our three day Westwater Canyon rafring trips.  There is a beautiful natural ampitheater here that will play host to a special concert this year as part of the Moab Music Festival.  See their website for more information.
  Question #3:
What is the name of the geological feature on the far right?
A. Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers are an amazing geological feature near the Colorado River.  Named after a miner who lived near them in the late 1800s, the towers are a favorite for climbing enthusiasts.  They are beautiful!
  Question #4:
Where can these hand prints be found?
B Lathrop Canyon

Named after sheepman Howard Lathrop, Lathrop Canyon is full of pictographs and ancient structures.  We usually stop for a hike and lunch at Lathrop Canyon on our 5 or 6 Day Cataract Canyon rafting trips.
  Question #5:
Who are these awesome guides?
C. Max, Jon, April and Eric

Did you know that you can request your favorite guide when you reserve your trip? We can't always guarantee that they will be on the trip, but we sure try!
  Question #6:
Where can this camp marker be found?
A. Westwater Canyon

One of the few camps in this beautiful canyon.  If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Westwater Canyon, sign up for a 2 or 3 day trip.  We take mroe time to hike and play in the canyon on the longer trips.
  Question #7:
What rapid is this inscription located near?
B. Capsize Rapid

Inscribed by the Best Expedition, lead by James Best, after they lost a boat at capsize rapid when trying to establish mining claims along the Colorado River in 1891.  They tried to blast the rock to free the boat, but failed, and the boat was lost.
  Question #8:
Who are these two awesome guides?
A. Haase and Bo

"Everyone knows Haase!"  Steve Haase has been running Cataract Canyon for YEARS!  He's seen the river at record levels, and still runs the river in true "Haase" style.

Bo has been with the SGRE team for a few years, now, but is not new to the river.  Super friendly, helpful and knowledgable, Bo has a lot of fun on the river!
  Question #9:
Where can you see this cabin?
C. Westwater Canyon

The miner's cabin in Westwater Canyon is a favorite hike, and offers a great opportunity to learn about the difficulties faced by the early settlers of this region.
  Question #10:
Where is this formation found?
A. Westwater Canyon
Westwater Canyon is beautiful and is so geologically different from the other canyons of the Colorado!  With it's black schist walls, Westwater Canyon is narrow, feisty and fun!

How did you do?  Did you get all of the answers right?  Did you miss some?  Maybe it's time to get back on the river?  Maybe you could be a river guide!  Thanks for taking our quiz!


Find Yourself, and Love What You Find

by Kristl 20. October 2015 07:28

Yoga in the National Park!

When you think of yoga do you think "I'm too old", "I'm not flexible enough", "Yoga is for girls", "I'm overweight", "My balance is terrible", "It's religious", "I can't touch my toes", "I'm not interested in twisting myself into a pretzel", "Yoga is too slow for me"?

Yoga is far more than it might appear on the surface. It is a blend of moving the body with the flow of your breath and calming the mind. When you say "I'm not flexible" what you should be thinking is "yoga will allow me to become flexible"! All bodies large, small, thin, or thick included and invited.
Kristen Crisp, founder of the Sanity Gurus, took her first yoga class in 2006 and fell in love with it! She became both a 200 hour CYT (certified yoga teacher) and a NASM CPT (certified personal trainer) in order to combine yoga with exercise, nutrition and positive thinking as she helps others transform their minds and bodies.
  In Celebration of the National Park Centennial in 2016, Kristen will be joining Sheri Griffith Expeditions for a special Yoga in the National Park rafting trip through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park. This trip will combine all the great aspects of a Sheri Griffith Expeditions rafting trip, (hiking, exciting whitewater, comfortable camps and healthy, fresh meals) with the wellness programs and yoga of Kristen Crisp and the Sanity Gurus.No previous rafting or yoga experience required!!!

Trip Date: May 10-14, 2016
Rate: $1799 + government fees


Canyonlands National Park | catraract canyon rafting | Colorado River Rafting

Fall in Moab

by Kristl 18. August 2015 08:17

Wow! We survived another crazy summer in Moab! This year was an odd one in our little corner of the world. We started the season thinking that we weren't going to have any water in the rivers due to a really poor snow season. Then the May storms moved in and there was plenty of snow all over the mountains and rainstorms that helped bolster the rivers through June, making for a GREAT rafting season!

AND, we aren't through yet! We've still got plenty of water in the Colorado and Green Rivers, and the rafting is still Great! Westwater Canyon is moving into its prime season, with lower water levels that make for great paddle-boating and fun rapids. Westwater Canyon is THE BEST one day rafting trip in the Moab area right now.

We're getting ready for our Labyrinth Canyon season, now, too! We traverse Labyrinth Canyon in Sea Kayaks so that our guests can really experience the solitude and beauty of this wonderful canyon. We take a gear boat to carry all of the camping equipment and food, so our guests are free to explore, paddle and relax in this beautiful setting. We stop for hikes into the side canyons and at points of interest along the way, so there is ample opportunity to get out of the kayaks and stretch one's legs. If kayaking doesn't appeal to you, but you would still like to see this secluded canyon, ask us about the possibility of riding along in an oar-boat.

We're excited to welcome back our friends from Women Traveling Together for another Labyrinth Canyon trip this year, and our friends from Adventure-Women who are coming for a Westwater Canyon trip in October. We're also excited for a special trip in Desolation Canyon on the Green River with Page Lambert and her special guest Cheryl Crazy Bull in September.

Finally, we can't forget about Cataract Canyon! We've had some great trips in Cataract Canyon this year, and we look forward to some more great trips this fall, as the temperatures cool and the colors change, Cataract Canyon is a great place to experience Fall in Moab.


Green River Rafting | Westwater Canyon Rafting

Celebrations and the Circle of Life

by Kristl 22. April 2015 13:35

Photo of Arlo's TreeIf you have rafted on the Moab Daily stretch of the Colorado River over the last few weeks, you might have noticed a new addition to one of the Onion Creek camps.  On April 10, 2015, a locally grown from seed juvenile Cottonwood tree was planted, with the permission of the Moab office of the BLM, in memoriam of Arlo Tejada, former co-owner of Sheri Griffith River Expeditions.  Arlo loved the outdoors and spending time both telling and making stories. 

On April 18, 2015, nearly 80 of Arlo’s close family and friends met at Onion Creek to dedicate the tree to his memory, and then moved on to a celebration of life hosted by the Red Cliffs Lodge.  Stories were shared, songs were sung and hugs were shared all around in celebrating the life of a man who was well known in the river and tourism community of Moab.  Arlo was a strong advocate and lobbyist for the outdoor industry, and volunteered a lot of his own time to different committees and boards, including the Moab Travel Council, Utah Guides and Outfitters board and the America Outdoors Association Board.  He was honored in December of 2014 with an Outstanding Service award by the America Outdoors Association for all of his efforts.
Picture of Arlo's Familly
The tree was donated to the family by Wildland Scapes. In order to provide enough water to the tree that it can establish a strong root system, there is a watering barrel set up near it.
  Sheri Griffith Expeditions guides will be taking a bucket or two of water to the barrel each day that they pass it when on the Moab Daily, and we appreciate anyone else who is willing to share in the memory of Arlo by pouring a bucket or two in the barrel when they happen upon it during the rafting season. 

As we’ve all noticed, the season is in full swing!  Happy boating!


Arlo's Cancer Story | Colorado River Rafting | Sheri Griffith River Expeditions

A Winter Westwater Tale

by emma 12. February 2015 08:03

Sheri Griffith River Expeditions Header-Newsletter

Winter Westwater

 Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River

During the last weekend of January, Sheri Griffith Expeditions owner Jose Tejada and his son Obe took a trip through Westwater Canyon.  Our Operations Manager, Brenda Milligan also took some time to go rafting in Westwater Canyon that weekend.We asked Obe to give us his thoughts on the weekend:

Westwater Winter RocksWe arrived at the Westwater ranger station around 10:30 in the morning. It was raining. In fact, it had been raining all night and most of the day before. There was no trace of the sunny, high 50 degree weather that was present when my dad and I hatched this plan.  “You can’t boat every month if you don’t start in January” My father had said. He hadn’t been on the water yet this year. Sure I had been on a San Juan River trip two weeks earlier but this was Westwater. Here the waves would be unavoidable. To be cast out of my brother’s 14 foot NRS boat was a real possibility. It is easy to stay dry on the San Juan River, but this was not the “Juan”. The date was January 30, his last chance to get on the river this month.

For those who have never experienced winter rafting, the gear you bring can make or break an excursion of this sort. It was on a cold April trip down the Gates of Lodore, while wearing a wet suit, that I decided my winter wardrobe needed some upgrades. The neoprene that makes up these suits is designed to trap water next to the skin so your body can warm it. This is great if you are submerged in the water. Also not bad if air/water temperatures are higher than the 40F/35F temps we had when we put in. I went on this trip with a dry top and splash bottoms. My dad wore splash gear: the same type that Sheri Griffith Expeditions routinely gives to their customers in the spring and fall.
And so we pushed off into the frigid water with the rain in our faces both silently wondering if this was going to be one of those trips more fun to tell about than to experience. There was no turning back now. Not that it ever really crossed either of our minds. You don’t go white water rafting in the winter expecting to be perfectly comfortable, and it could have been much worse.

A quarter mile downstream we spotted a Red Headed Sapsucker (Woodpecker), my first.  An hour or so later, we saw our first bald eagle of the trip at the miners’ cabin. It flew within 20 feet of my Dad’s boat. These I have seen many times because some of them live in Moab year round. I never get tired of seeing these amazing birds. Just before Little Delores rapid we saw a small heard of mule deer does. This was a very good trip for wildlife.

We had planned on meeting up with Brenda’s group, who had spent the night in the canyon (doing some river clean up), run the rapids together then push them out with our motor. They thought we might have canceled due to the bad weather and we missed each other by about half an hour. At Lower Cougar Bar, which had three feet of ice on it, we did our final tie down. It was also here that the rain stopped and we could see a small sliver of blue sky to the north!
Our runs through the inner gorge of Westwater Canyon were great! My dad didn’t even get his sorrel boots wet. With all of the water on the black Granitic Schist canyon walls, it made the canyon seem like it had been polished. Sometimes it is hard to pay attention to my runs because of all the scenery that there is to take in. Every time I am here I marvel at the contrast of the red Windgate Sandstone on the black Granitic Schist. This is truly a special place.
After Westwater Canyon, the water fall at Star Canyon was spectacular.  I tried to take pictures of it but I could not do it justice.   This is where we spotted Brenda’s group. So we quickly hung the motor and caught up to them. It sounded like they had had a great trip as well. One of their crew had hauled out two huge beams from the canyon. I love to see people hauling out trash like this. It shows the dedication the river community has to keeping this amazing place clean!

Scott Takig out trash WW

The sun came out for the ride out. The temperature must have come up into the fifties. What a wonderful trip. There was great wildlife, great scenery, great friends, a great time with my dad, and now the weather had just gotten gorgeous! Hard to believe it was January 30th. We will see what February brings.

Sheri Griffith Expeditions

2231 S Hwy 191
Moab, UT

2015 Discount!!

by emma 20. November 2014 10:00

2015 Rafting Discount


Until the end of November you can get 2014 rates for next years dates!!  With payment of your deposit you can save up to $145/per person on the 2015 trip of your dreams.  We have been creating unforgettable river vacations since 1971. This is your chance to save!  

Don’t see the date you want? Have questions about what canyon or river will best suit the vacation you are looking for? Charter trips and other dates are available. Call our office and talk to Kristl our vacation specialist who will find the perfect trip you!!

Pay in full and receive an additional 5% off the total of your trip.

Call us today!




It's Never Too Late for a Daddy-Daughter Date

by Kristl 29. July 2014 07:25
My family is a Ranching family.  I grew up in La Sal, Utah, which is just south of Moab, Utah, and my dad was a rancher.  He worked hard every day, either out managing the cattle, checking the irrigation, fixing fences or running the tractors as he was cutting, baling and hauling the hay that would get the cows through the winter.  I am the oldest of six children, but I am a girl.  My younger brothers were the ones who got to (they will tell you they HAD to) work with Dad every day, while I played and did "Girly" things with mom.  I did get to (though at the time it was a HAD to) go and feed the cows on Saturdays, and I did finally learn how to run a tractor, though I never had to bale or haul the hay like my brothers did.  My dad worked really hard to provide for our family, and even though my brothers were able to work with him a lot, my sisters and I didn't really have that opportunity.

Enter the Daddy-Daughter Date.  Our church would organize the occasional Daddy-Daughter date night, with the idea that we would get some one-on-one time with our dads, away from the distractions of siblings and work.  These Daddy-Daughter dates were a lot of fun, and I loved the opportunity to dance with my daddy and have his undivided attention.

About 10 years ago, a group of Dads and their 3rd Grade daughters came for a Daddy-Daughter date weekend on the river.  They came to Moab to spend 3 Days and 2 Nights on the Colorado River.  The trip was purposely run at a slower pace, with lots of time for the girls to play on the sand and in the inflatable kayaks with their dads.  Our guides took care of all of the cooking, while the Dads and Daughters worked together to set up their tents and sleeping gear.  The Dads and Daughters had lots of time to play together without the distractions of TV, sports, phones, other family members or work needs. 

Since that first trip, the group of Dads and Daughters has returned again and again over the years.  The group has changed somewhat over the years.  Many of the Dads have been the same, but the Daughters aren't always the same as their younger sisters have taken their turns on the river trip when they have graduated the third grade.  The group joined us again this year for another great rafting trip.  The girls were all so cute!  We really enjoyed having them all on the river with us again, and we look forward to seeing them again over the next few years.

We had another Daddy-Daughter duo join us for one of our Multi-Sport Adventures in June, but this duo was a Grand-Daddy and Grand-Daughter.  They participated in a Zipline Tour, a Sunset Hummer Tour, a Horse-back ride and a 1 Day Westwater Canyon Rafting trip.  They had a great time together here in Moab and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

It's never too late to set up your own Daddy-Daughter date, whether it is just going out for dinner or taking a longer adventure vacation together.  The time spent together is priceless, and cannot be replaced.

We're Not Done Yet!

by Kristl 14. July 2014 11:14

We’ve been having an awesome summer at Sheri Griffith Expeditions!  We've met many new friends, and we've been happy to reconnect with old friends, too. 

In the past, we've experienced a general slowdown in July as the temperatures rise and the high water levels drop, but this year has still been pretty busy!  We still have trips headed down Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River and through the Gates of Lodore on the Green River, as well as lots of Westwater Canyon rafting happening over the next few weeks. 

Many people think that Moab is just too hot to visit Moab in July and August, and with temperatures in the 100 degree range, we'd probably agree, if we didn't know that with warmer air temperatures come warmer water temperatures.  Right now the Colorado River is about 70 degrees Farenheit, which is GREAT for swimming!  Also, to beat the heat, our guides love the Gates of Lodore Rafting trip on the Green River.  This trip starts at a higher altitude, and thus has a bit cooler temperatures than the Colorado River trips.

Still too hot?  Well, September is just around the corner, and we've got some great trips planned in Labyrinth Canyon and in Cataract Canyon.  One of the trips that we are really excited about is our NEW Fit Kayaking Tour with Melanie Webb!  This trip will not only feature the beauty and solitude of Labyrinth Canyon by sea kayak, but will also include fitness exercises and personal fitness consultations with Melanie Webb.  (To learn more about Melanie, click here.)

Another September trip that we are excited about is our John Wesley Powell 12 Day Expedition, which combines 5 days of kayaking in Labyrinth Canyon with 8 Days of hiking and rafting through Cataract Canyon.  We're not planning on running this trip again for a few years (ask about our exciting John Wesley Powell Sesquicentennial Trip for 2019!), so if you've been thinking about this one, now is the time to book your seats.

We also have Cataract Canyon and Westwater Canyon rafting trips scheduled throughout the rest of the season. 

We're Not Done Yet!