5 Day: Women Only Labyrinth Canyon - Sheri Griffith Expeditions

Women-Only Labyrinth Canyon
by Kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard 


• 1000 Year Old Native American Writings
• Stunning Scenery
• Very Rarely Run River
• An Active Paddle Trip
• Great Beaches 
• Fun Women Guides

2023 Trip Rates

Adults: $1299

 *Does not include taxes & government user fees

Trip Length:

5 Days/4 Nights

Host City:

Moab, Utah

Minimum Age:

12 Yrs Old


No Rapids

2023 Dates: 

 April 17
 September TBD


Oarboats, Sea Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards


“The river trip exceeded my expectation at every level.-especially the quality, variety and well prepared meals. They were beautifully presented and delicious. I was amazed at the efficiency that meals and each campsite was set up and broken down.

Lisa Menen- Orange, CA

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2022 Trip Rates


 2023 Trip Dates 

        Women Only Tour      
             April 17
          September TBD


5 Day Cataract Canyon Booking Page

 What This Rate Includes:

More Information

Full Days on the River:

Camping Gear: Clean Sleeping Bag, Pad, & Tent

Stable Sea Kayaks or Stand Up Paddleboards

All Camping Equipment

Great Hikes on the Green River

Quality Guides: Highly Experienced, Professional, & Licensed

High Quality and Quantity Meals

Iced Coolers on boats

Lemonade, Iced Water, and Gatorade: Coffee, teas, hot cocoa, and juice available in camp.


Trip Deposit: $300 per person deposit required upon reservation. Full balance due 45 days prior to departure.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Minimum Age: 12 years old

What is not included in trip fares:

Guide Gratuities by no means required but always appreciated by our guides. We recommend 10-20% of the cost of the river portion of the trip.

Transportation to Moab Utah.

Lodging and meals prior to or following your expedition (except where noted.) Click to see list of quality places to stay in Moab Utah.

Government user fees and taxes (about 9% of trip cost.)

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Labyrinth Canyon Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Starting The Adventure

Labyrinth Canyon Booking ButtonThe expedition begins early in the morning at the Sheri Griffith Expeditions office. We then drive to the launch site near Green River, Utah. After a safety talk and some basic kayak instruction we launch. We will float through an open valley and begin a descent of about a foot and a half every mile. There are no rapids on this portion of the river, only a few riffles just below the town of Green River.

Today we will have the opportunity to explore Crystal Geyser~ a cold water geyser whose eruptions are fueled by pressurized carbon-dioxide gas. The first eruption recorded was in 1936 when Glenn Ruby was drilling for gas and hit the pressurized pocket that activates the geyser. Years of accumulation of minerals brought up by the eruptions have left a beautiful copper colored formation around the geyser.

By late afternoon we'll pull into a secluded campsite where we will enjoy exploring while our guides prepare a delicious dinner.

Note: Meals are served from a set daily menu, but you are welcome to request, in advance, special dishes or tell us if there are particular things you would prefer not to have.

Potential Hiking Opportunities: Crystal Geyser,

Day 2: Entering the Canyons

After a hearty Breakfast of French toast and sausages or Pancakes and Bacon we pack up and start the paddling!

The river progresses slowly through white, yellow, brown and red canyon walls with hairpin switchbacks accented by towering buttes and mesas rising 1,500 feet above the river. Labyrinth Canyon's walls are cut with long side canyons, where guests of all skill levels can explore and ponder ancient Indian writings and trapper's inscriptions.

Our guides are naturalists with great depths of knowledge about the history, geology, wildlife, and legends of the canyon. They know the 'secret' places that only exploration and experience reveals, and they share it all, connecting you to this incredible country. We will pass the San Rafael river today along with several working ranches.

In the afternoon we will come to Trin-Alcove, named for the three canyons coming into the Green River. Be sure to watch for wildlife. This part of the canyon has many animals including deer, elk, and beaver. We will pull over to camp by late afternoon.

Potential Hiking Opportunities: Trin Alcove, Anvil Bottom

Day 3: Hiking the Green River

For the second morning in a row you'll wake to fresh brewed coffee and hot cocoa. The scenery begins to change as the river leaves the open desert and cuts its way into the rising plateaus of Utah's Canyon Country. This is Labyrinth Canyon, named by John Wesley Powell when he was here on his historic expedition in 1869. The canyon becomes deeper as Sandstone walls of the Wingate Formation rise hundreds of feet on both sides. Orange and reddish brown cliffs drip with a darker brown and blue-black known as "desert varnish." Formations of tan Navajo Sandstone, purplish-red Kayenta towers, and brown Wingate cliffs, continuously unfold above.

We will stop and look hike several of the wonderful side canyons in Labyrinth Canon. We will also pass the river register where early river runners left their signatures.

The sandy beaches in Labyrinth provide for wonderful camping. Our guides are amazing river chefs who do all of the work of preparing the highest quality, healthy meals made with fresh ingredients. We serve a variety of fruits and vegetables from our garden and buy locally whenever possible. Our meats and cheeses are purchased from our local meat shop that focuses on the highest quality ingredients. We can accommodate a variety of diets from Kosher to vegetarian and everything in between.

Potential Hiking Opportunities: Ten Mile Canyon, Hey Joe Mine, Keg Spring Canyon

Day 4: Paddling the Green River

After and another wonderful Moring, we will pack up our kayaks and head downstream. We will hike "Bowknot Bend" where the river makes a seven and a half mile loop back onto itself. We will hike up to the saddle which provides an incredible view of the desert. There will be ample time each day for hiking and exploring the canyon's rich history and geology.

The Fremont Culture were a semi-nomadic people who inhabited these canyons (500-1275 A.D.). They left petroglyphs on the rock walls that can be spotted today. You will also see the inscriptions left by the crew of the Launch Marguerite, a stern-wheeler river boat which traveled on the Green and Colorado Rivers between the towns of Green River and Moab during the early 1900's. Denis Julien was a trapper and fur trader who left inscriptions on the rocks in a number of places. All of his inscriptions are dated 1836. How Julien got into the canyons is still a mystery. It is not known if he came by boat or if he walked in from the rim.

Traditionally, the last night of the river trip is "dress-up" night. Anything goes if you would like to participate. It is up to your imagination! This is a great way to celebrate the trip and near completion of your Green River adventure.

Potential Hiking Opportunities: D. Julien Inscription, River Register, Hey Joe Mine site

Day 5: Coming out of the Canyon

Today we will see more and more evidence of the uranium mining that once took place in these canyons. Tailing piles and abandoned mining equipment can be seen from the river below.

We will also stop at another 1836 Denis Julien inscription. Our river adventure ends at Mineral Bottom. We'll load the kayaks and gear for the spectacular drive back to Moab which begins with a steep climb up an old mining road. We will arrive at the Sheri Griffith Expeditions office by 4:00-5:30 p.m. (MDT).

Potential Hiking Opportunities: Hell Roaring Canyon, Bowknot Bend

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Map of Labyrinth Canyon

In 1869 John Wesley Powell named Labyrinth Canyon. Located just south of Green River, Utah and bordering Canyonlands National Park this "tortuous" canyon is famous for its inspiring walls and dramatic bends of the river.

The colorful history of Labyrinth Canyon includes Native Americans, trappers, miners, river runners, steam boaters, ranchers and moonshiners.

View Labyrinth Canyon Map in a larger map

Labyrinth Canyon Information:

River: The Green River

Rapid Rating: No Rapids

Put in: Green River, Utah.

Take-out location: Mineral Bottom

River Miles: 68 miles

First to run Labyrinth Canyon: John Wesley Powell in 1869.

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River Trip Resources

Required Forms:

Please print, sign and return the required forms (for each person in your party) to our office by email, fax or mail at least 45 days prior to your trip.

Trip Risk Forms

Guest Registration


Trip Document in PDF's

Moab Trip Planner

Packing List

Trip Itinerary

Travel Insurance:

Transportation to Moab

Preferred Lodging Guide

Tips for Women in the Outdors

Beverage Request Form

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Helpful Links

Canyonlands National Park: Canyonlands National Park preserves a colorful landscape of sedimentary sandstones eroded into countless canyons, mesas and buttes by the Colorado River and its tributaries.

Arches National Park: Arches National Park preserves over two thousand natural sandstone arches, including the world-famous Delicate Arch, in addition to a variety of unique geological resources and formations.

Dinosaur National Monument: Dinosaur National Monument protects a large deposit of fossil dinosaur bones--remains of the so-called "terrible lizards" that lived millions of years ago.

Moab Travel Council: A great resource on Moab area trails, hotels, and other great things to do in Moab.

Links to Area Information

Moab Weather

Water Levels

How to get to Moab

Where to staying Moab

What to do other than rafting

Questions about the trip:

Cancellation Policy and Trip Insurance:

Sheri Griffith Expeditions has a NO REFUND policy. Since you have reserved space for which we have a limited number of seats, our non-refundable policy applies in every instance. There are no exceptions for any reason, so we highly recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance to protect your vacation investment. Please take some time to visit the following website www.travelinsure.com/affiliate/selecthigh.htm?32219, which contains information about Travel Insurance.

How to book a trip

There are several easy ways to make a reservation. Easiest is to click on the “book online” button on your trip or at the top of the screen. You can always give us a call at 800-332-2439. You can also download Reservation PDF and fax it in (435)-259-2226 or mail it to us at Po Box 1324 Moab UT 84532.

Deposits and Reservations

For 1 day trips full payment is required at time of booking. For multiday trips a non-refundable $300/person deposit is required at the time of reservation. The balance is due 45 days prior to departure. After making your reservation you will receive a reservation packet that will include a packing list, helpful travel hints, travel insurance information, a beverage request form, and a guest registration form. Please fill out the guest registration form and send or fax back quickly. If you find you are unable to participate in the trip that you booked, but would like to transfer your trip to the following year, there will be a charge of $300 per participant if the change is made at least 3 weeks prior to your departure date.


We make every effort to follow through on our plans. However, we reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary or possibly cancel a trip if necessary including but not limited to weather conditions, water fluctuations, insufficient reservations, changes in international relations, or other factors beyond our control. If cancellation is necessary, your money will be refunded. Our financial liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid and shall not be extended to cover any other costs incurred by the trip member.


The evening before the trip we meet at our office (2231 South Highway 191) at 5 pm (MDT) in Moab for a trip orientation. Here you will learn what to expect and prepare for, receive your dry bags, sign the Assumption of Risk forms, and get a chance to ask any last questions. If you are not going to be able to make this please let us know ahead of time.


If you would like any personal beverages while on the river, i.e., sodas, beer, wine, etc., you can bring them with you the morning of departure and we will place them in iced coolers. We provide some sodas, water, lemonade and Gatorade mixes and tea, juice and coffee in the mornings.


Guests often ask whether gratuities are appropriate, and in what amount. If you feel your guides have provided a very special trip for you, a gratuity may be left with the trip leader and will be shared among the crew. Entirely discretionary, anything between 15% and 20% of the trip cost is a general tipping guideline. If you plan to tip, remember to bring a personal check or cash—ATM’s are hard to find in the backcountry! PLEASE, do not make out checks to Sheri Griffith Expeditions. If you are writing check please make it out to the Trip Leader.  NOTE: we cannot take credit card gratuities.

Hiking and Physical Requirements:

If you are of an adventurous spirit and in reasonably good health, you should have no problem enjoying any of our trips. It’s not necessary to be an athlete to participate in a river expedition. However, It is several hours to the nearest medical center. If you take medication you should bring a good supply and inform your guide of all medication that you are taking. When you meet your guide, you should discretely explain any medical conditions you may have or be concerned about including allergies to bee stings, etc. Each guide carries a first aid kit and will need to know if specific medicines should be stored. It’s also helpful to know about other health issues when planning activities for the day. Pregnant women and anyone with heart trouble should have their physician’s approval before taking a river trip.

Safety, and Assumption of Risk

We maintain an excellent safety record, since 1971. However, all outdoor experiences involve risk and we all must recognize that accidents or illnesses may occur. We cannot guarantee your safety. We place final responsibility for your safety firmly on your shoulders where it belongs. You have to pay attention to what you are doing. Mother Nature controls the water level, the weather and the elements, so there is a risk involved in rafting and camping. Before your trip departs, you will be asked to sign an Assumption of Risk and Release Form. We assume no responsibility for injury to trip members, their personal belongings or, for time and expense incurred. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance, which covers vacation losses and accidents and provides a refund if you have to cancel your trip.

Parking, luggage and valuables:

We have a gated parking lot at our office for your vehicles while you are on the river. We also have a safe room for luggage and valuables while you a re on the river.

More FAQ's