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Desolation Canyon Explorer Trip

by Kristl 30. March 2022 11:30
We're always excited to offer new options on the river!  This year we have had requests for longer Desolation Canyon trips, so we are offering a Desolation Canyon Explorer trip!  

This trip will have all the fun and splashy whitewater of Desolation and Gray Canyons, but will move at a slower pace as we take time to really explore the canyons, hiking to sites that we typically miss on our shorter 5 day Desolation Canyon trips.

Trip dates for this trip in 2022 are August 30th and October 2nd.  You can book online by clicking HERE, or find out more about the trip by clicking THIS LINK.


Fuel Costs and Surcharges

by Kristl 15. March 2022 07:08
Costs they are a rising...unfortunately.  We've watched the price of gas in our town jump by over $1.00 per gallon in the last week, and we don't see them dropping any time soon (though we do have our fingers crossed!!!).  

We are doing all we can to conserve and keep our costs such that we don't have to increase our prices by too much, but as the cost of fuel is rising so dramatically, we have found that we need to add just a small surcharge (1%) to all of our rafting trips this season.  This surcharge will show up starting with trips booked March 15, 2022. 


Arches National Park Entry Changes

by Kristl 13. December 2021 06:27
It is  no secret that Arches National Park has been extremely crowded over the past few years.  We received official word this morning of a pilot program that will be put into place beginning April 3, 2022: 
"The National Park Service today announced its intention to implement a temporary, timed entry reservation system at the highly visited Arches National Park in 2022.

“By implementing a temporary, timed entry reservation system, our goal is to better spread visitation throughout the day to reduce traffic congestion and visitor crowding. We believe this will create a higher-quality experience while maximizing access for our visitors,” said Arches National Park Superintendent Patricia Trap. “Additionally, we will use data gathered from this pilot to adapt and improve this system throughout the season, as well as to inform our future responses going forward.”  

The pilot will run from April 3 to October 3, 2022. Visitors can book reservations first-come, first-served on beginning at 8 a.m. MST on January 3, 2022. The park will release reservations three months in advance in monthly blocks. 

After booking a reservation, visitors will receive a Timed Entry Ticket. Timed Entry Tickets will be required to enter the park from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and will allow visitors to enter the park during a one-hour specified window of availability.

Learn more by visiting or"

When you are planning your Moab visit, plan early.  The ticketing for Arches National Park opens on January 3rd, and we are sure that tickets will go fast.


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New Availability Page on our Website

by Kristl 16. July 2021 12:40
We've just added a new page to our website that has the availability of our trips listed in a quick glance format.  You can check the page out at this link.

We'll try to update the page weekly this fall.  These are public departure dates.  We can offer some chartered dates through the end of October.  

Trip Specials!  Wanno go rafting, but want to save some money, too?  Call Kristl and ask for the "Blog Post" discount, which will save you 30% off any of the trips listed on our Availability Page.  (This offer is only good for a limited time.  Reservations must be made prior to July 31, 2021.)


The 2022 Rafting Season is Just Around the Corner

by Kristl 12. July 2021 11:14
Did we miss you in 2021?  We'd love to see you in 2022!  Start planning your trip now to secure the best dates for 2022.

Are you thinking about chartering a trip for next year?  Some of our most popular dates go early, so book early to make sure that you don't miss out.

Reserving your trip before October 31st will lock in the 2021 rates for your 2022 dates, too!

Call Kristl at 800-332-2439 to discuss all the possible options.


Exciting News! New Flights to Moab are Coming Soon!

by Kristl 5. March 2021 08:58
We got some exciting news today!  We've heard rumors that there would soon be flights from Salt Lake City to Moab again, but they were all just rumors...

Today SkyWest (Delta) announced that flights from Salt Lake City to Moab would start on May 5, 2021.  Currently, there are 2 or 3 daily flights out of Denver with SkyWest (United) that are roughly $135 each way.  The new flights out of Salt Lake City will be roughly $94 each way.  

We are excited to have another way for our guests to get to our "out of the way" corner of the world.  We think that these new flights out of Salt Lake City will make traveling to Moab just a little bit easier.

We do understand that in a time of COVID, flying on planes can be a little scary, but we are confident that SkyWest (both with Delta and United) is doing all that it can to keep their passengers as safe as possible.  Even with vaccinations happening more and more each day, many companies are still maintaining COVID protocols to keep their guests safe.   We definitely are.

We look forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new friends this summer.  We'll see you soon!

For information on the new flights to Moab, check out these websites:


John Wesley Powell 150 Years Later

by Kristl 19. February 2021 07:50
In 1869 and 1871 Major John Wesley Powell organized expeditions to explore the Green and Colorado Rivers.  His Expeditions were made even more famous by false claims that they had failed!! Crazy, right?  

Major Powell set the record straight with news articles and other publicatios upon his return to civilization.  He also wrote a book in 1895, "Canyons of the Colorado", in which he included his journal entries from the trip and many photographs, drawings and maps from his expedition.  I recently picked up the reprinting "The Exploration of the Colorado River and its Canyons" to read so that I would have some better understanding of his expedition.  I expected a "dry" read, but was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy the book!  The read is pretty quick, and the photos/drawings are intriguing.  

One of my favorite quotes from the book (I have a few of them!!) is as follows: 
  “That is the merry mood of the river to dance through this deep, dark gorge, and right gaily do we join in the sport.” John Wesley Powell
He wrote this about Whirlpool Canyon, which is a canyon in the Gates of Lodore section of the Green River.

If you are planning on joining us for any of our expeditions, or especially if you plan to join us for our 22 Day John Wesley Powell Anniversary Expedition, I really suggest that you pick up a copy of Major Powell's book for an excellent read.


2021 Is a Year to Celebrate!

by Kristl 9. February 2021 11:08

Celebrate!!2021 (NOT 2020 won) is a year to celebrate! 150 years ago, Major John Wesley Powell began his second expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers, taking time to map, document and photograph the beautiful canyons and plateaus of the places we now call home. 50 Years ago, Sheri Griffith and her brothers started taking people down the river.  Sheri loved it so much she built an awesome business that is still thriving today!  1 year ago, the world was plunged into a vast pot of uncertainty, but 2020 didn’t win, and we look forward to celebrating the victory of the human spirit!  Over the next few weeks we will be celebrating the things that make our 7 Wonders of the West (aka 7 Awe-Some River Canyons) so amazing.  To learn more about our favorite rivers or to learn about our Epic John Wesley Powell Expedition, call our office at 800-332-2439.


I Gave Up My Sandals Today

by Kristl 27. January 2021 06:00
We all LOVE our river sandals, right?  Those awesome shoes that are good to go wet or dry?  That stay on your feet when swimming, but are easy to kick off when you are done for the day and want to go barefoot?  I LOVE my sandals.  I wear them *Almost* all year round...Today is the *almost* day.  I wore my sandals this morning when I took the kiddo to the bus, and then came home and kicked them off, found some socks and will wear shoes the rest of the day!  I actually bought a pair of shoes a few weeks ago, but haven't worn them yet because I could still just wear my sandals.  

Over the past 3 days we have been "blessed" with about 6 inches of snow (17 inches on the La Sal Mountains!!).  The snow didn't really deter me...I still wear my sandals in the snow on many days because I don't have to go outside much, especially with the COVID keeping us working from home a lot more...but this morning!  The snow + the wind + clear skies means that it is COLD out there!!! 

So, I gave up my sandals for a little while.  I'll start wearing them again really soon!  

The good news is that we have some snow!!  We've been waiting all winter for some snow! There was a smallish storm that hit just before Christmas, but we have been dreadfully lacking snow for a long time.  Our mountains and valleys need the snow.  Our rivers need the snow.  Snow is a good least I keep telling myself it is...and Brenda LOVES the snow!  I am not a huge fan.  I LOVE wearing my sandals.

Stay warm, stay safe, and we'll see you on the river, in your sandals, soon!


6 Whitewater Rafting Options in Utah

by Kristl 7. December 2020 07:23
If you are looking for a great whitewater rafting trip for your spring, summer or fall vacation, Utah has some really great options!  From family friendly trips with fun and splashy rapids to adrenaline pumping excitement, there is something for everyone.  Here is a list of really great options (in no particular order):

  1. 1. Fisher Towers on the Colorado River. This river stretch has fun and splashy rapids and big, sandy beaches.  This trip is great for beginning rafters or families with younger children.  The rapids are rated up to Class III, but are typically smaller Class I and II.  The whitewater is most exciting during the peak run-off window during the last two weeks of May and first two weeks of June.  Water temperatures vary throughout the season (March through October), but are warmest in July and August when the water is around 70 degrees.  This trip is great with paddleboats, oarboats, Inflatable Kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards.  Typical trips range from Half-Day trips, Full Day trips, 2 Day or 3 Day trips.
  2. 2. Desolation Canyon on the Green River.  This is another great family-friendly river trip that has fun and splashy rapids, beautiful sandy beaches and many historical sites.  This trip is another one that is great for beginners, but can be enjoyed by everyone!  The rapids in Desolation Canyon are rated up to Class III, and there are LOTS of them!  The whitewater on this trip is most exciting in June, but stays great throughout the rafting season (May through September).  Water temperatures vary a bit, but typically average around 70 degrees.  This trip is great with oarboats, Inflatable kayaks, Paddleboats and Stand-Up Paddleboards.  Desolation Canyon is typically run as a 4 or 5 day rafting trip, so it is a great way to get away from it all for a week!
  3. 3. Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. This river trip is a bit more feisty with rapids up to Class IV.  It is still a good run for beginners, but due to the higher whitewater rating, is more appropriate for children 10 and older.   This trip offers beautiful scenery, a secluded adventure and exciting whitewater.  This trip tends to be LESS fun during the peak run-off (Last two weeks of May, First two weeks of June).  The canyon is very narrow, so when the water levels come up, the rapids get buried.  This trip is really great in March and April and from July through October.  The water temperatures average around 70 degrees, but are colder in March and April.  This trip is typically offered as a Full day trip, but is also great as a 2 or 3 day rafting trip.  Westwater Canyon is run with oarboats and paddleboats.
  4. 4. The Gates of Lodore on the Green River. This river trip through Dinosaur National Monument offers beautiful scenery, great hiking, exciting whitewater and pristine beaches.  The whitewater in the Gates of Lodore is rated up to Class IV.  Major John Wesley named this stretch of the Green River over 150 years ago, after they had many dis-heartening adventures in their exploration of this wild place.  The canyon has remained largely untouched, allowing for one to explore unknown places for themselves.  This stretch of river is at a slightly higher altitude, so the air and water temperatures are a bit more moderate, which is lovely in the hotter months of July and August.  This trip is typically offered as a 4 or 5 day journey.  This trip typically features oarboats, paddleboats and inflatable kayaks.  Stand-Up Paddleboards may also be an option.
  5. 5. The Yampa River.  This beautiful river also winds it's way through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument, but because it is undammed it runs out of water on low-snow years.  When it runs, though, it is a favorite among enthusiasts.  Splashy and exciting whitewater, pristine beaches, wonderful hikes and outstanding scenery all combine to make the journey the true destination.  This trip typically runs from mid-May through Mid- to Late- June.  Air temps can be chilly at night, and are moderate during the day.  Water temps average around 60 degrees.  The rapids on the Yampa River are rated up to Class IV, appropriate for ages 10 and older.  This trip is typically offered as a 4 or 5 day expedition.  The boats used on this trip include oarboats, paddleboats and inflatable kayaks.  Stand-UP Paddleboards may be an option.
  6. 6. Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River.  For the thrill-seeker and the canyon enthusiast.  Cataract Canyon is the premier whitewater trip in Utah.  The rapids in this canyon of the Colorado River are rated up to Class V, and with names like "Little Niagara" and "Satan's Gut", it lives up to the hype.  During the peak run-off (late May and early to mid-June) the river swells to around 10 times its "Normal" levels, leading to adrenaline-pumping excitement for guests and guides.  Later in the year the river tames down just enough to still be exciting without leaving a feeling of having tempted the fates.  Cataract Canyon is typically run as a multi-day rafting trip as it is 96 miles long.  Motorized trips are 2 to 4 days long, non-motorized trips are typically 5 to 7 days long.  The whitewater isn't the only awesome thing in Cataract Canyon.  There are many geological wonders and ancient historical sites along the way, too.  The boat choices in Cataract Canyon include Motorized J-Rigs, Oarboats and Paddleboats, Inflatable Kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards when water levels are appropriate.

BONUS!  Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River offers no whitewater, but is perfect for sea kayaking.  The tame waters of this canyon have slowly but persistantly worked their way down through the sandstone layers into a deep and beautiful labyrinth of canyon walls. The pace is perfect for a re-set of the soul.  This trip is typically run as a 4 or 5 day journey.  It is typically offered in the spring and fall only as sweltering temperatures and an abundance of blood-sucking vampire bugs are typical of warmer months (June-August).


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