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ICE chemo

by arlo tejada 18. January 2013 16:49

Hello Everyone,

I did my third and final round of Ice chemo on May 4-6. Everything went as well as can be excepted. The chemo is starting to add up. I have been very tired for the past couple of weeks. This is leading me to be super bored of being in the basement.

On the 12th I had a dentist appointment to see if I had cavities or other issues that could come up while my immune system is low. It turns out I have to get a root canal under my bridge. The root probably died not long after my car accident in 2002. I'm not really sure why none of my other dentists have caught this in 9 years.

I also had a psychological test on the 12th to see if I could handle the BMT. It was really a stupid test that asked questions about having nightmares and stress.

Picasa Photos I had some good friends visit from Moab and was able to hang out with them for hours. My Mom also arrived on May 14th for a big meeting with the BMT team on Tuesday the 17th. This meting helped answer our detailed questions we had and gave us a better timeline. The meeting was very informative and really help give us a clearer picture of what was going to happen in the upcoming weeks. My timeline changed again since the meeting but I'll go over that in a second.

My dad also brought my dog up for the day which was great. Even though I was exhausted and it was raining I still got to throw the ball with Lulu for a bit.

On Wednesday May 10th I had my root canal done. It was really easy and took about 20 minutes. I was surprised how easy it was.

On Friday May 20th I had a big day scheduled with a battery of test. It started with lung and heart tests. Then more blood tests. Last was the Bone Marrow Biopsy. I was really not looking forward to this. Especially after having made the mistake of watching a youtube video of the procedure beforehand. The overall process was not terrible, though.

With FriendsThe issue was afterwards. About 10 minutes after the process was over I started to shake uncontrollably. This was the fourth time this has happen to me. My fever also started to rise. This really freaked out the medical staff. When my fever hit 105 they decide I needed to stay a couple of days in the hospital. The shakes and spikes in fevers always happen after my line was flushed. This made the doctors think that there was some sort of bacteria in my lines.

I was brought to the BMT rooms instead of the ER which is great. It's a private room and is rather comfortable. My fever did not drop for a while. The nurses where in my room for most of the night checking on me.

My sister also flew in for the weekend. Unfortunately for her, we spent the entire time in the hospital watching movies and TV. It was great to have her around though. She picked up several items from the house for me and brought me dinner and snacks. The food in the hospital is terrible, seriously who brings a hamburger without ketchup?

On a good note the room does have a tv which means I can watch the NBA and NHL playoffs. I don't mind being in the hospital. The room is probably bigger then the room I'm in at Meg and Dasch's. And they make my bed every time I shower. Though the nurses come in at 3am and 5 am to change the antibiotics. I feel like the entire week was just a test run for when I'm in there for the BMT.

They found something "very nasty" in my lines. The disease was something I could not even spell if the doctor wrote it down for me. (Serratia Liquifaciens) The doctors decided to take out the lines on Tuesday May 24th. Then I will have to stay on antibiotics for the next 14 days. They put in new lines on the other side on Thursday May 26th and I was able to go "home" later that afternoon. I'm still on antibiotics. Which I have to administer myself each day at 10am.

All of this means my schedule has moved back a week. So as of now I start my collection on June 3rd and will most likely start in the hospital around June 15th (my 31st birthday).

Medicaid Approval

The big news is that I have been approved for Medicaid. Which is unbelievable to me. This means we don't have to put down the $85K deposit. It's still a little unclear exactly how much is covered with the Medicaid program I'm on, but it is anywhere from 100% to 90%. I still have all my past bills which right now are about $40K+. Luckily the fundraising has been so wonderful I will be able to cover these. The fund is somewhere in the 60K+ range and that does not include the Caner Free Arlo event in Moab. This is a huge relief and is really nice not to have to worry about finances anymore.

Thank you all for your great support. Especially all those that worked so hard on the event in Moab. I wish I could have been there though I'm not sure I could have handled it emotionally.


Arlo's Cancer Story

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