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Insurance and such

by arlo tejada 18. January 2013 16:36

Arlo Tejada and his MomInsurance and fundraising: We have had a lot of questions about fundraising and insurance for Arlo. This is his biggest issue moving forward because we whole heartily that he will be physically fine. For those that would like to donate we have signed up with a fundraising group: National Foundation for Transplants. For more information or donations go to The donation process can be a bit tricky and you NEED TO BE CAREFUL to specify ARLO and to see his photo. This donation is tax deductible for you and tax free for him.

He has terrible insurance and they don't cover Utah any more, so any changes he tries to make will void the plan. They say that they can't upgrade the policy because it's grandfathered in. Any changes will void the policy. They also told him they can't send a written letter because they only do it verbally. He can't get any other insurance because of my "pre-existing" condition. His final hope for an insurance solution is to qualify for Medicaid.

Arlo, Congressman Matheson and Brian MerrialThe cost for the BMT alone is going to be around $140K+. The hospital does not offer payment plans for this treatment (the only one that they don't). This does not include the $10K per PET/CT test, of which he has had 3 already and at least 2 more coming. The insurance does cover 80% of the chemo and the Radiation. It doesn't cover the BEAM but does cover the ICE treatments. Either way it's still about $5,000 he has to pay .


Arlo's Cancer Story

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