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Ready for round 2

by arlo tejada 18. January 2013 17:04

Hello Friends,

I’m just sending out a short update to let everyone know that I’m in SLC and getting ready for my second transplant.

On Sep 22 I met again with the radiation doctor and went over the  procedure and side effects. The also measured me for the lead plates to protect my lungs. Then they tattooed 4 dots on my chest and back to line up the block for the treatment.

On the 23 Trina and I meet with the BMT doc about the specific details of the second BMT. They think it will be a little bit harder on me than the first but not to bad.

The big issue is that the total body radiation can wreck havoc on my mouth, stomach and throat. So they give me a drug to help fortify me. On Sunday I started a drug that helps fortify my mouth from Mouth sores. I will take it for 3 days prior to the start of the process.

Today the 27 I got my 4th line in. I had to talk them out of putting it in on Friday, which would have ruined my weekend. 

I will be admitted on weds aug 28 at 7:30. I will be taken to radiation at 9am and then again 6 hours later. That will happen for 3 days.


I start the last chemo on Oct 1. The stem cell replacement will be the 5. Which means I will smell like cream corn on the 5, 6, and 7.Then it will be 12 or so days until I get out.  


My biggest concern for this treatment is a lack of guests. Last time it was a great time of year to steal away from Moab. Now it’s perfect and no one wants to leave.


So here is my not so sly push to get people to visit me. All my visitors last time truly made the time go by a lot quicker. I expect all you that live in SLC and did not visit me last time to come by this time.


You can again sign up on the care Calendar. Or call me/email/text/facebook me.

To sign up for a visit Login is 71236

The password is 5818


I will send out another update when I actually get admitted on weds. That way I can actually get you my room. Oh and I am at LDS hospital. (several people last time went to the wrong hospital.)
My address is E803 LDS Hospital, SLC, UT 84143

Looking forward to being done.



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