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Thank you’s and timelines

by arlo tejada 18. January 2013 16:56
Arlo's Bday


Things are looking very good today. After a very nice week which was probably inspired by my rather sad email, I have great news. (but that will wait)

My last blog received the most responses I have had in a long time. Which I guess is not surprising since it was a rather rough and personal one. It took my mom several days to collect herself to respond. The emails were wonderful with lots of people expressing many memories and experiences together. They touched me in a very nice and personal way. Though that was not my intention I did appreciate it. I also have had a rush of friends visiting which WAS my intention.

On Friday July 23rd I went to a minor league baseball game with a lot of friends. Including The Terrions, Gretchen, JT, David, John and his family (Calling people out in updates works every time.) It was a lot of fun but I realized baseball is super boring when you're not drinking. Or it could have been the 14-0 score line in the 2nd inning. The fireworks show afterward was amazing and well worth the $8 ticket.

On Tuesday July 26 I spent several hours over coffee and great conversation with an old college friend, Carly, which put me in a wonderful mood for the day. A visit from Silas added to the good day and the beat down I gave him at pinball did not hurt my mood at all. This evening Meg, Dasch, Silas and I went to a really nice dinner to finish of a spectacular day.

I can't keep writing without expressing my appreciation for Megan and Dasch. I really can't articulate my gratitude to them enough. They have been SO, amazingly accommodating. They opened up there house and watched over me. They took the lodging issue right out of what was a stressfully and complicated situation for me. This allowed me so many freedoms: having friends over to help me, to be flexible during this process, and really just to concentrate on what I had to do to heal.

Arlo tejadaWhat I really appreciate more than the connivance was the friendship. Having worked and played with Dasch for years I knew his heart to genuine and kind. So it came as no surprise to experience his kindness and generosity on a regular bias. The man can cook, likes to share and always has wonderful conversations, though ridiculously intelligent and over my head. I had maybe spoken 10 words total to Megan before moving in down stairs for what was supposed to be a one month stay. 4 months later I feel I have made a great friend. Her kindness is a match for Dasch. I truly appreciated our conversations and looked forward to them even when I was feeling terrible. They almost made me want to have roommates again. The two make such wonderful pair, and have what I consider to be close to a perfect city life. They work very hard and make sure to play as often as possible.

I am so glad I to have spent my time here. I'm truly sad to be moving out and will look back fondly on my days here.

I'm really gratefully for the cancer and this journey. (I know that sounds odd) And I would put my time I spent on Norris Place at close to the top reason I don't mind having gotten cancer.

Ok that is the first of my thank you's. I will have others in the coming weeks, really there are hundreds I have to thank.

Back to the timeline.

On Thursday July 28 I had a bunch of tests done. I first had a heart scan done. The results came back that the blood clot in my heart had completely disappeared! This is one of those lucky to have discovered things. The blood clot was not related to the cancer but would have posed a serious health risk in the future. (cause I'm planning on for many years.)

I also had a PET Scan and a CT Scan done. The Pet came back with great news. The brightness level has drastically decreased in the left arm pit. From 14.2 to 5.6 which is the lowest it has been measure at. And no mention of the lymph in the middle of the chest which means that it is GONE! And no new sites! The size of the left lymph also have shrank from 3.4x2.1 to 2.5x1.5

The dr.s are very excited about the new test results. It's not exactly where they want it, but it's very close. This means very good things and we are officially moving forward.

This puts me in great sprits and I feel very confident about being successful from here on out. I am still very nervous about the high dose chemo and the recover but after so many delays I feel relived and excited. This means I am that much closer to getting home.

So the timeline is this.

  • Monday at 10:45 I will have more blood cultures done.
  • Tuesday they want to do another Bone Marrow Biopsy. (which I'm strongly against!)
  • Wednesday is the final meeting.
  • Thursday is the new line placement. And it's my choice to go straight in or wait a day. I think I will go straight in. (I wonder if I'm all hoped up on pain med from the new line placement will I fell anything from the Chemo…or will it be worse?)

SO we are finally a GO! As I was telling Dasch and Megan last night, Its kinds of a crazy feeling. I've been waiting for so long and then BAM it's here in less than week. It seems in a way so….sudden? I feel like I have so much to do still.

I will send out another blog with my new address at the hospital probably on Thursday or so. Oh and since this worked last time, I want people to visit while I'm in the hospital!

Many Thanks, Arlo



Arlo's Cancer Story

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