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A Sort of Timeline

by arlo tejada 5. November 2013 07:47

A Sort of Timeline

Little Arlo

Hello Everyone,

I am going to keep this brief because I have a ton of things to do in the next little while.

I think it is very important that you know I have decided to do the allogeneic bone marrow transplant. And do it rather quickly.

After 3 conversations with 3 different doctors, it feels like the only choice I have to live a long term life. They also all were very insistent that I move earlier rather than later. In fact Dr. Houda called me personally out of the blue to express his very strong opinion I do the transplant well before my four month window with PD1.

There are many more questions I need/should answer to you.

But I just do not have it in me right now.

Here is my proposed/most likely medical schedule.

arlo and lorThis is the order I think:

  • Nov 14- PD1 infusion- Huntsman
  • Nov 14 or 15-LDS Hospital Get an official consolation on how the whole process really works. What to expect. Including what I need living arraignment wise after transplant. I.e. How long should I count on living in SLC afterward. 2. Then finding a place to stay for that time period.
  • Between Nov 18-27 Get approval from Medicaid: This means Lots of tests,-same as before
    • Bone marrow biopsy, STD tests, Heart & lung tests, Drug tests, Labs, psych-social evaluation from LDS Social worker, dental work up
    • PET Scan, CT Scan.
    • Tests, Tests, Tests
  • End of Nov- Medicaid approval
  • Nov 27-PD1 infusion
  • Dec 1-7 (sometime) Obe has to do a donor evaluation
  • Dec 18- Move to SLC. Start the process of destroying my immune system. (not sure how that all works yet.
  • Dec 20-22 Obe does the bone marrow transfusion. Day after I get the cells.
  • Dec 23- Jan???
    • Sit in the hospital for 14-???? days as I recover.
  • Jan- Spring: Long recovery and such. Summer timeish Back to moab?

Ok that is it.
I will update again when I feel up to it.


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