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What is this a Life Rollercoaster I am on?

by arlo tejada 18. April 2013 10:57
Wow, where to start an update I never actually thought I would have to write.

Arlo!Lets call this a rather bad week.

So, start with the little item, right.
It looks like the cancer has come back.

I had my scan on Monday. I really did not think much about it, except for the fact that the hospital messed up the registration and made me wait an hour and a half longer than I should have. I was really more worried about the fact that my truck broke down than I was about the pet scan. Things have just been feeling to good for me to think anything was wrong. But I guess that is why we do the tests.

I was online looking through the shitty photos from the Boston Marathon when I received a text from a friend asking how the test went. This reminded me that I should check my online chart and see the report.

I was in the basement of my friends Jon and Gretchen Fullers when I read the report I was in total shock. I thought there was a mistake and they had put someone else’s report in my file. Two sentence tell all:

“There is a mildly hypermetabolic lymph node in the anterior mediastinum having an SUV value of 2.6 and measuring 15 x 8 mm.” – In my chest

“There is a hypermetabolic mass seen along the medial wall of the stomach measuring approximately 3.8 cm and having an SUV value of 12.” –In my stomach

What these say is most likely the cancer has come back. The SUV is how active the cancer is. 2.6 is really small and 12 is not. Seems like I get all the bad news while I am in basements. I was a bit of a mess for a while. I was not sure I really should even tell anyone but I was crying too much to not tell.

I called my mom after reading the report several more times. She decided to fly out in the morning for my meeting with dr. Prystas. I was really hoping to have the Dr. tell me it was a false positive. I have zero symptoms. No weight loss, no night sweets, no exhaustion (I have been playing soccer and working out pretty regularly), no itching, no new lumps, really could not think of anything that would be a sign of cancer.

She did give some hope.

There are several different reasons for the report. Worse is that it is the Hodgkin’s coming back. This is also the most likely. There is also a chance that it is Non-Hodgkin’s. It is not uncommon for Hodgkin’s to move to Non-Hodgkin’s eventually. Rarely this fast. This is the best of the cancer situations. That is because it would be like a new cancer. And we could start from scratch with the non Hodgkin’s treatment. Next it could be stomach cancer. This also would be bad because stomach cancer is terrible.

Last it could just be an infection or ulcer or such. The issue with this is the second activity in my chest. And makes that rather unlikely.

So…. What Next. I am in the process of more tests. I did not do a CT scan this time with the PET scan. The CT is better at size and location. I did the CT scan here in Moab yesterday and waiting for the results of this. (see below)

Arlo Paddle Caption! We are hoping this will tell us if it is stomach or lymphoma. Next most likely I will have a biopsy done on Monday next week.

Well things change by the second around here. Just as I was about to send this I talked to Dr. Prystas and she said there was no noticeable lymph’s in the CT scan.
She is trying to get ahold of the radiologist to get some more answers.

WOW…What does that mean!

She really thinks (and maybe is hoping) It could be a false positive.

Now, Now What do we do?

We are going to have the CT scan sent to another Radiologist in Salt Lake to get another opinion. Then on Monday or Tuesday I will get an endoscopic test. “The endoscope is passed down the throat and into the stomach. This lets the transducer rest directly on the wall of the stomach where the cancer is. It lets the doctor look at the layers of the stomach wall, as well as the nearby lymph nodes and other structures just outside the stomach. “ –WebMd.

I guess that just means we wait. This rollercoaster is really hard on a person…but if I come out negative I should not complain. Might have an ulcer though.

I also bought a new car. Seemed like a good idea when I knew I had cancer and my other one was broken. Glad I did that yesterday! Ha.

I think I will end this hear and send out another one when I have more information.

(I know that is kind of like a cliffhanger on a Dan Brown novel.)

Thank you for all the support.
Much love Arlo


Arlo's Cancer Story

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