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POP Quiz Answers--Colorado River Edition

by Kristl 29. February 2016 06:44
So, we sent out a newsletter with a Colorado River Pop Quiz.  Here are the answers to the quiz!
Question #1
Where can this marker be found?
B. Cataract Canyon

These markers can be found along the canyon where they were placed during the 2004 geological survey.  In a few years, they will be used for another survey.
Question #2:
Where can this pictograph be found?
C. McDonald Canyon

We see this pictograph on our three day Westwater Canyon rafring trips.  There is a beautiful natural ampitheater here that will play host to a special concert this year as part of the Moab Music Festival.  See their website for more information.
  Question #3:
What is the name of the geological feature on the far right?
A. Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers are an amazing geological feature near the Colorado River.  Named after a miner who lived near them in the late 1800s, the towers are a favorite for climbing enthusiasts.  They are beautiful!
  Question #4:
Where can these hand prints be found?
B Lathrop Canyon

Named after sheepman Howard Lathrop, Lathrop Canyon is full of pictographs and ancient structures.  We usually stop for a hike and lunch at Lathrop Canyon on our 5 or 6 Day Cataract Canyon rafting trips.
  Question #5:
Who are these awesome guides?
C. Max, Jon, April and Eric

Did you know that you can request your favorite guide when you reserve your trip? We can't always guarantee that they will be on the trip, but we sure try!
  Question #6:
Where can this camp marker be found?
A. Westwater Canyon

One of the few camps in this beautiful canyon.  If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Westwater Canyon, sign up for a 2 or 3 day trip.  We take mroe time to hike and play in the canyon on the longer trips.
  Question #7:
What rapid is this inscription located near?
B. Capsize Rapid

Inscribed by the Best Expedition, lead by James Best, after they lost a boat at capsize rapid when trying to establish mining claims along the Colorado River in 1891.  They tried to blast the rock to free the boat, but failed, and the boat was lost.
  Question #8:
Who are these two awesome guides?
A. Haase and Bo

"Everyone knows Haase!"  Steve Haase has been running Cataract Canyon for YEARS!  He's seen the river at record levels, and still runs the river in true "Haase" style.

Bo has been with the SGRE team for a few years, now, but is not new to the river.  Super friendly, helpful and knowledgable, Bo has a lot of fun on the river!
  Question #9:
Where can you see this cabin?
C. Westwater Canyon

The miner's cabin in Westwater Canyon is a favorite hike, and offers a great opportunity to learn about the difficulties faced by the early settlers of this region.
  Question #10:
Where is this formation found?
A. Westwater Canyon
Westwater Canyon is beautiful and is so geologically different from the other canyons of the Colorado!  With it's black schist walls, Westwater Canyon is narrow, feisty and fun!

How did you do?  Did you get all of the answers right?  Did you miss some?  Maybe it's time to get back on the river?  Maybe you could be a river guide!  Thanks for taking our quiz!


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