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Breathe Deep, and Keep Swimming

by Kristl 5. August 2016 09:49
Wow!  It's August!  We've had a great rafting season thus far, and we're looking forward to the cooler temperatures in September.  We've had one of our best years in a long time!  Our guides have worked really hard this summer, and we love them for it!  Our office staff and managers have also been very busy and have helped everyone "roll with the punches" as we have worked to make sure that all of our guests have excellent outdoor adventures!

Sometimes, as in all businesses and sometimes just in life, there have been some hiccups.  When those times come, we just keep a smile on our face and think to ourselves "Breath Deep and Keep Swimming" (Not necessarily at the same time!!). I just love the optimism of Dory in Finding Nemo.  No matter how bad things seem to get, she keeps a positive outlook and "Just Keeps Swimming".  Her little chant has helped us to keep things in perspective, and sometimes just get through the tough stuff so that we can enjoy the fun stuff.

We always appreciate the hard work of our guides and staff put in that allows our guests to escape their daily cares and enjoy the amazing rivers and canyons that we call home.


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