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What I Love About Rafting--Kristl's Version

by Kristl 28. November 2017 08:32
Relax. Hear nothing more than the gentle plop, swish of the oars and the small shplup, shplup of the tiny waves lapping against the boat. Close your eyes and enjoy the warmth of the sun as its rays reach down and embrace you.  Forget all of those things that just don't seem to matter as much any more.  Renew yourself as worries melt away like a small puddle evaporates after a storm.  Marvel at the incredibly clear blue of the sky, highlighted even more by the small puffs of brilliant white clouds, and the complex reds of the cliffs around and above you.  Enjoy the gentle sway of the boat as it lulls you toward a peaceful bliss.

Sure, the whitewater is fun, but this is what I truly love about rafting.  The river calms my soul and allows me to let things go, even if it is just for a short time.


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