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Do you suffer from Stuffocation?

by Kristl 11. December 2017 08:50
This morning I was listening to Radio West on our local NPR station, and the guest was James Wallman, who has written a book about "Why We've had enough of Stuff and Need Experience More than Ever".  His book is called Stuffocation, and is now on my want to read list! 

Maybe it is the business we are in, but I felt like Mr. Wallman was "preaching to the choir" as I listened to him discuss his views on how people are so caught up in STUFF that they are missing out on so much of life.  His opinion is that people are starting to look for experiences to fill their lives with, rather than stuff. 

I've found that this is so true in my own family.  We talk about our family outings a lot more often than we ever talk about the presents we've ever received.  When we choose presents from family, we choose games that we can play together as a family rather than things that will clutter our already cluttered house.  Early this year, we took a CRAZY family journey across the United States: 8 people in 1 car for 8 days, covering 15 states! Was it alwasy fun? NO! Was it always comfortable? Nope! Did we make awesome memories? Yep! Was it worth it? (Jury is still out on this one!) To me, absolutely!  We needed the family time and the get-a-way.    Our only souvenirs were memories because we didn't have any room in our car for stuff.

I love Mr. Wallman's tagline on his website "Memories live longer than things".  On the interview this morning he said that this came from a note he received from his grandfather that simply told him that "memories live longer than dreams".  How appropriate at this time of year to be talking about collecting memories instead of stuff!  Many times we all receive gifts that we would rather not try to find a spot for, or we have to shop for that one person in our lives that seems to have everything!  What better gift than memories created together while on an adventure?  

What memories will you create this year?  Will you gift an experience rather than stuff?

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