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by Kristl 28. April 2017 10:39
Guide Training is coming up beginning at the end of next week, so this Morning Brenda and I were discussing our visions for Sheri Griffith Expeditions.  Our company mission is "To Enhance People's Lives through Outstanding Outdoor Adventures". 

As glamorous as Whitewater Rafting might seem to some people, this is not an industry that people get into to make tons of money. Here at Sheri Griffith Expeditions, we value the overall experience of our guests.  Our "paycheck" is spending time with our guests who have life-changing experiences on the river. 

I LOVE it when my guests come back from a rafting trip with "that glow" in their eyes.  I love that they have been away from all of the "Normal" life worries and have come back renewed and refreshed.  I love that our company is a smaller, family owned and run business.  I want all of our guests to feel like they are part of our family, and to feel like they are welcome to "Come Home" to the River.

Brenda LOVES it when she is able to spend a week or on the river with our guests and gets to see first-hand how people's lives change for the better as they unwind, let go and look forward with a new vision.  She calls these her "Magic Trips", and there is no better compensation than knowing that we have improved someone's life.

We work hard to make our vision for Sheri Griffith Expeditions evident in all that we do. 


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