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by Kristl 20. June 2018 13:38
How do we keep things dry on the river? With Drybags of course!  We get a lot of questions about the size of our dry bags and about how to pack them.

Here is a quick run-down on our drybags:

Blue Drybags-
These bags are like "Checked" luggage.  You have access to them in the evenings and mornings, but during the day they are packed away on the boats and inaccessable.
 Your sleeping bag will already come packed inside of your dry bag.  The space you have available to you is about the size of a medium sized duffle bag, or 21"x21"x14".  We suggest packing your personal items in a duffle bag for ease of packing/unpacking your bag each day.  
Ditty Bags
These are your "Carry-On" bags.  These bags should hold your day-use items such as sunscreen, bugspray, raingear and other personal items.
These bags are about 12" diameter and 18" tall.


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