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by Kristl 22. October 2018 13:23
The cold weather is coming, and though some of  us here at Sheri Griffith Expeditions are ready for some snow, I most definitely AM NOT!  I am that person who wears my sandals all year if I can get away with it!  I know, we need the snow, and the land needs the water, and diversity in weather can be beautiful. All are true, but as soon as it cools off around here, I start wishing for warmer weather! 

One good thing about the seasonal slow-down around here is that I get a little more time to take my family on adventures! Last weekend was the first clear and warm weekend of October, so I gathered (almost) all my kiddos (we had 4 out of 5), and a friend for my youngest, and we went exploring in our back-yard. As we were getting ready to go, my daughter, who was in the shower getting ready to go to work that night, was yelling at us that we better not leave with-out her.  She is almost 19 now, and on her way to adulting, so the chances to take her with us on our adventures are fewer and fewer.  Of course, we waited, and she hurried. 

We loaded up in my dad's old pick-up and headed for the hills, in search of peanut rocks.  The funny thing is, we didn't even gather any peanut rocks! We just hiked and played and had fun in one of our favorite little canyons.  We saw plenty of peanut rocks, we just didn't end up gathering any this time around. (If you want to know what a peanut rock is, email me and I'll send a picture!)

We had an adventure. A little one, but a fun one.

Because Adventures must be had.


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