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I Gave Up My Sandals Today

by Kristl 27. January 2021 06:00
We all LOVE our river sandals, right?  Those awesome shoes that are good to go wet or dry?  That stay on your feet when swimming, but are easy to kick off when you are done for the day and want to go barefoot?  I LOVE my sandals.  I wear them *Almost* all year round...Today is the *almost* day.  I wore my sandals this morning when I took the kiddo to the bus, and then came home and kicked them off, found some socks and will wear shoes the rest of the day!  I actually bought a pair of shoes a few weeks ago, but haven't worn them yet because I could still just wear my sandals.  

Over the past 3 days we have been "blessed" with about 6 inches of snow (17 inches on the La Sal Mountains!!).  The snow didn't really deter me...I still wear my sandals in the snow on many days because I don't have to go outside much, especially with the COVID keeping us working from home a lot more...but this morning!  The snow + the wind + clear skies means that it is COLD out there!!! 

So, I gave up my sandals for a little while.  I'll start wearing them again really soon!  

The good news is that we have some snow!!  We've been waiting all winter for some snow! There was a smallish storm that hit just before Christmas, but we have been dreadfully lacking snow for a long time.  Our mountains and valleys need the snow.  Our rivers need the snow.  Snow is a good least I keep telling myself it is...and Brenda LOVES the snow!  I am not a huge fan.  I LOVE wearing my sandals.

Stay warm, stay safe, and we'll see you on the river, in your sandals, soon!


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