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2021 Is a Year to Celebrate!

by Kristl 9. February 2021 11:08

Celebrate!!2021 (NOT 2020 won) is a year to celebrate! 150 years ago, Major John Wesley Powell began his second expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers, taking time to map, document and photograph the beautiful canyons and plateaus of the places we now call home. 50 Years ago, Sheri Griffith and her brothers started taking people down the river.  Sheri loved it so much she built an awesome business that is still thriving today!  1 year ago, the world was plunged into a vast pot of uncertainty, but 2020 didn’t win, and we look forward to celebrating the victory of the human spirit!  Over the next few weeks we will be celebrating the things that make our 7 Wonders of the West (aka 7 Awe-Some River Canyons) so amazing.  To learn more about our favorite rivers or to learn about our Epic John Wesley Powell Expedition, call our office at 800-332-2439.


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