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Exciting News! New Flights to Moab are Coming Soon!

by Kristl 5. March 2021 08:58
We got some exciting news today!  We've heard rumors that there would soon be flights from Salt Lake City to Moab again, but they were all just rumors...

Today SkyWest (Delta) announced that flights from Salt Lake City to Moab would start on May 5, 2021.  Currently, there are 2 or 3 daily flights out of Denver with SkyWest (United) that are roughly $135 each way.  The new flights out of Salt Lake City will be roughly $94 each way.  

We are excited to have another way for our guests to get to our "out of the way" corner of the world.  We think that these new flights out of Salt Lake City will make traveling to Moab just a little bit easier.

We do understand that in a time of COVID, flying on planes can be a little scary, but we are confident that SkyWest (both with Delta and United) is doing all that it can to keep their passengers as safe as possible.  Even with vaccinations happening more and more each day, many companies are still maintaining COVID protocols to keep their guests safe.   We definitely are.

We look forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new friends this summer.  We'll see you soon!

For information on the new flights to Moab, check out these websites:


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