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Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park covers a vast area of rock wilderness in southeast Utah, centered around the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. Over millions of years, the rivers and their small tributaries have carved the flat sandstone rock layers into many amazing forms with a wide range of colors. The 530 square miles of the park contain countless canyons, arches, spires, buttes, mesas and a myriad of other spectacular rock formations..

It consists of canyons and plateaus carved by two mighty rivers - the Colorado and the Green. The rivers divide the park into four districts: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze and the rivers themselves. While these areas share a primitive desert atmosphere, each retains its own character and offers different opportunities for exploration. The park offers some of the most challenging 4X4 roads and whitewater rapids in the world. It also offers great opportunities to hike, bike and engage in other recreational activities.

Highlights of Canyonlands National Park

Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park

The Coloroado River through Cataract Canyon:

Cataract Canyon Rafting has some of the biggest and most challenging whitewater in the United States. This is a thrill seeker's dream, with stunningly powerful rapids. For those seeking "moderate" excitement, trips in late summer feature rapids that are big fun rolling waves.


  • Classic Big Whitewater, including the Big Drops, North Seas' and Mile Long

  • Great Hikes: Dolls House, Indian Creek, and the Loop

Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National Park, Moab UT

Island in the Sky District:

Island in the sky is a sheer-walled mesa that constitutes the northern part of Canyonlands National Park. Amazing views out over the surrounding country, including rugged canyons that have been carved by the Colorado and Green rivers. In many places the surrounding country is 1,000 feet down, virtually straight down, from the top of the mesa.


  • Grand View Point

  • Mesa Arch

  • Upheaval Dome

  • Green River Overlook

Needles District in Canyonlands National Park moab ut

Needles District: The Needles District forms the southeastern portion of Canyonlands National Park. Its signature features are colorful sandstone spires - hundreds of them poking up from the desert floor.


  • Elephant Hill

  • Big Spring Overlook

  • Chesler Park

  • Colorado River Overlook

The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park, Moab Ut

The Maze District:

The Maze section of Canyonlands, west of the rivers, is the wildest and remotest section of the national park, and possibly of all Utah. The Maze itself is a jumble of six steep inhospitable canyons plus countless smaller ravines, centered on a vast area of convoluted fins and pinnacles known as Land of the Standing Rocks.


  • Jasper Canyon

  • Shot Canyon

  • Water Canyon

  • Horse Canyon

  • Dolls House

Canyonlands National Park

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