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Cataract Canyon by Oarboat

The Sights of Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon by OarboatThe Sights of Cataract Canyon through Canyonlands National Park is a journey into a spectacular, remote wilderness. This high quality adventure is the ideal balance of serenity, relaxation, and exhilaration. From the beginning of the trip, you will find yourself seduced by the pace of the river while absorbing beautiful scenery and enjoying the camaraderie of interesting people.

The oarboat is the traditional raft on the Colorado River. This type of raft places you 'up close and personal' with the river and its natural power. It's a pure wilderness river trip combining all the comforts needed to enjoy the outdoors. Only the quiet dipping of the oars in the water breaks the quiet of the smooth water sections.

The longer trips allow for more hiking time. The Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park has some of the most outstanding hikes in all of Utah.

The trips in May and June in Cataract Canyon have some of the biggest and most challenging whitewater in the United States. This is a thrill seeker's dream, with stunningly powerful rapids. For those seeking "moderate" excitement, late summer trips feature rapids that have fun rolling waves.

Sheri Griffith River Expeditions Cataract Canyon trips include:

  • Leisure Rafting in Canyonlands National Park

  • Exciting Class III-V Whitewater

  • 1000 yr old Ancient Pueblo Ruins

  • 2000 foot Red Rock Canyon Walls

  • Breathtaking Canyons Similar to the Grand Canyon

  • Fun Cowboy and Outlaw History

  • Scenic Return Flight Over Canyonlands National Park (optional)

  • Wonderful Sandy Beaches for Camping


Sights of Cataract Canyon by Oarboat

5 Day Cataract Canyon by Oarboat

Colorado River rafting

5 Day Cataract Canyon Booking Page

This rafting trip will take you through a spectacular, remote section of wilderness in Canyonlands National Park by oarboat. This trip combines the serenity of floating through calm stretches of majestic red rock formations, incredible hikes to natural features and ancient Native American ruins, and the exhilaration of some of the most exciting whitewater in the United States. Experience one of the most beautiful parts of Canyonlands National Park at the relaxing pace of the Colorado River while enjoying the camaraderie of fun and interesting people.

4 Day Luxury River Trips- Cataract Canyon
5 Day Cataract Canyon

5 Day Cataract Canyon Booking PageThis world-class nature tour is breathtaking. Cataract Canyon is  historically and geologically amazing; the rapids are dazzling, and the hikes are soul stirring.

The beautiful river canyon in Canyonlands National Park is our home, and after four decades welcoming visitors here, we know how to bring all the comforts of a five-star hotel right onto this remote stretch of river.

5 Day Womeny Only Retreats- Cataract Canyon

5 Day Cataract Canyon Booking PageWomen Only River TripsThe best part of this journey is the adventure. Experience an adventurous sojourn into nature. Every sense comes alive: the smell of flowers, sage, and the earth after a desert rain. The smells, sights, sounds and touches of the river and her canyons offer up the ultimate sense: the sense of Self.