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Colorado River Trips

The Colorado River Experience

Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River is the premier getaway or vacation adventure! Colorado river rafting trips allow you to experience the best of this amazing canyon country near Moab, Utah. Whitewater Vacations on the Colorado River offer a combination of outstanding scenery, majestic wildlife and a chance to escape.

No place has captured people's hearts and imaginations like the mighty Colorado River. This famous river offers thousands of miles of beautiful canyons, 6 National Parks and plenty of exciting whitewater.

The scenery is unparalleled, from the ancient 1.7 billion year-old black rock formations in Westwater Canyon to the towering sandstone spires in Cataract Canyon and Canyonlands National Park. By choosing a rafting vacation you will discover the perfect escape. Experience the excitement of rushing whitewater or the calm serenity of the canyons, and enjoy a worry-free environment that brings families, friends and solo travelers together in perfect harmony.

Colorado River Trips Include:

  • Beautiful River Canyons
  • Exciting Classic Whitewater
  • Fun Cowboy and Outlaw History
  • State Parks, National Parks & Wild & Scenic River Areas
  • Variety of Trip Lengths and Styles
  • Healthy, Hearty and Delicious Meals
  • High Quality and Clean Tents, Sleeping Bags, Pads, & Chairs
  • Professional Service Oriented Career Guides
  • Fascinating Native American Ruins and Petroglyphs

Choose from these wonderful adventures:

5 Day Cataract Canyon 100x100

Cataract Canyon — This 2-5 day journey through Canyonlands National Park’s spectacular, remote wilderness is one of the best river vacations available. Big whitewater is punctuated by gently flowing sections to provide a total river experience to those who travel here. Sandy, secluded beach camps offer multiple activities, such as horseshoes on family river trips. Longer trips enjoy hikes full of discovery and plenty of time for contemplation or personal connections with family and friends.

5 Day Cataract Canyon

Sights of Cataract Canyon by Oarboat — The traditional mode of transportation on the Colorado River places you up close and personal with your surroundings on this 4-5 day trip. We provide all the comforts needed to enjoy the outdoors on this Colorado River rafting adventure. There’s plenty of time for daily hikes up secret canyons only accessible from the river.

2 day Cataract Canyon

Highlights of Cataract Canyon by Motorboat — Traveling the Colorado River by the larger J-Rig is a stable and comfortable Utah river trip that also allows time-sensitive people to experience the remote Cataract Canyon through Canyonlands National Park. Motor to the whitewater to enjoy the world-famous Big Drops and other rapids on this Class III-V Utah river rafting adventure! Choose from 2, 3 and 4-day options.

Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River

Wild Westwater Canyon — This 1-3 day trip gets you into exhilarating whitewater rapids yet has charming campsites, calm river stretches and bird-watching hikes for a classic Moab rafting vacation experience. The Colorado River in Westwater Canyon forces its way into narrow Black Granite Gorge, where 1.7-billion-year-old black rocks form renowned rapids like Funnel Falls and Skull Rapid. Join us for rafting the Colorado River in Moab!

Fisher Towers on the Colorado River

Fisher Towers Family Float — A perfect choice for families with children 5 and older interested in a moderate Moab rafting adventure. Join us for a one or 2-day adventure on this beautiful stretch of the Colorado River, with views of red rock spires and the soaring mountains beyond. Camp on a big, sandy beach and enjoy warm water flows on this great introduction to family river rafting.

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