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Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument was created in 1915 to preserve one of the world’s largest concentrations of Jurassic-age dinosaur bones found in the area. More than 1,600 fossilized bones in their final resting place were deposited here in an ancient river bed turned to stone. Colorful canyons, carved into spectacular geological formations, also reveal much of the Earth’s history, while exposing this “Jurassic Park.” Most of the 200,000 acres of Dinosaur National Monument lie in Colorado and contain colorful ridges, plateaus and canyons surrounding the Green and Yampa rivers.


The Gates of Lodore

The Green River through the Gates of Lodore is an awesome stretch of river that cuts right into the great Uintah uplift. You journey next to sheer canyon walls and challenge rapids with names like “Hell’s Half Mile” and “Disaster Falls.” Days are a blend of high excitement, wonder, rewarding hikes, peace and tranquility.


The Yampa River

As the last free-flowing river in the entire Colorado River drainage, the Yampa River is incredibly wild in May and June. The Rocky Mountain spring run off creates big roaring rapids with an average descent of 12-14 feet per mile.


Harpers Corner

Harpers Corner is an isolated viewpoint in Dinosaur National Monument, overlooking a vast area of cliffs and canyons around the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers.


Fossil Quarry Hall

Construction for a new visitor center and exhibit hall began in March, 2010. The former building where visitors gathered to ride a shuttle to the visitor center will become the location of the new Quarry Visitor Center. The former visitor center is being rehabilitated into an exhibit hall protecting and displaying the 1,500 dinosaur fossils in the wall.