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Touring Kayaks on Labyrinth Canyon

The Labyrinth Canyon Experience quite paddling of the Green River

Labyrinth Canyon offers a graceful float through a bounty of southwestern vistas and red sandstone cliffs. Spectacular buttes and mesas rise over 1,500 feet above the river floor. This trip is perfect for paddling your own sleek kayak or sharing a two-person kayak with a friend. Because few people travel here, Labyrinth Canyon is the perfect trip for those who want a quiet getaway.

The river progresses slowly through white, yellow, brown and red canyon walls with hairpin switchbacks accented by towering buttes and mesas rising 1,500 feet above the river. Labyrinth Canyon's walls are cut with long side canyons, where guests of all skill levels can explore and ponder Ancient American writings and trapper's inscriptions.

No prior experience is necessary, as sea kayaks are easy to paddle, comfortable to travel in and very stable. Your guides will be instructing and encouraging you from their own kayak and you'll be maneuvering your sleek craft like a pro in no time.

"Will five days be enough time here?"

Sheri Griffith River Expeditions Labyrinth Canyon trips include:

  • Magnificent Beautiful Canyon Walls

  • Enchanting Riverside Camping

  • Easy, Leisure Kayaking on the Calm Green River

  • Hikes up Secluded Side Canyons

Labyrinth Canyon Trips

 paddling of the Green River

5 Day Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River:

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green RiverThis trips is a 60-mile river journey beginning near the town of Green River, Utah, where the Green River flows gracefully into Labyrinth Canyon, the longest stretch of un-dammed flat water in the Southwest.   

quite paddling of the Green River

5 Day Women Only Retreats:  Labyrinth Canyon:

Sea Kayaking Trips on Green RiverExperience an adventurous sojourn into nature. Every sense comes alive: the smell of flowers, sage, and the earth after a desert rain. The smells, sights, sounds and touches of the river and her canyons offer up the ultimate sense: the sense of Self.

the Green River

The 11 Day John Wesley Powell Expedition

Sea Kayaking Trips on Green RiverThis trip is a multi-faceted journey that combines magnificent wonder, spectacular whitewater challenge and triumphant personal achievement.

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