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The Majestic Canyons of the Green River

Green River Family Rafting:

family fun for everyone

Desolation Canyon offers 84 miles of 50 class I-III rapids that start the second day of the trip and build each day until the largest and best rapids the last day. These rapids are full of big rolling waves, not difficult but exciting and great fun - perfect for learning to maneuver an inflatable kayak.

Just the PERFECT family river trip: Colorful history, fun moderate whitewater, family bonding like no other vacation.

The 5 Day Family Trip on the Green River offers a chance for the whole family to escape. This trip offers exceptional bonding opportunities, fun whitewater, charming camp sites on sandy beaches, stunning geological features, ancient and recent western history, and it all begins with a scenic flight to the launch site!

Our Family Only guides have special interpretive training. They've developed great outdoor educational and environmentally sensitive activities and games. These activities and games incorporate camping, outdoor safety, basic first aid, history, geology, hydrology, wildlife, plant life and, of course, river running skills.

Hiking, water games and building sandcastles provide quality interaction. Our guides take children on structured, educational and fun outings where everyone can interact with nature and other children. Parents can join in the excursions or enjoy relaxing next to the river, take a leisurely walk or demanding hike or simply enjoy the camaraderie of the other guests.

Sheri Griffith Expeditions Majestic Canyons Trips include:

  • Fun educational games about nature and the environment

  • One "Kid Guide" dedicated to entertaining the kids with games and nature walks

  • A toy box full of games and toys for all ages, including sand toys.

  • Variety of boats from inflatable kayaks for the teens to oarboats for the younger kids.


Majestic Canyons of the Green River Trips:

Family River Trips.

5 Day Family Trips on the Green River:

Family River Rafting on the Green RiverA vacation with a  chance for the whole family to escape. This trip offers exceptional family bonding , fun whitewater, great camp sites on sandy beaches, stunning canyons,  and fun cowboy history.

Luxury Trips on the Green River

5 Day Majestic Canyons: Luxury River Trips

Luxury River Raft on Green RiverThis trip is breathtakingly beautiful, the rapids dazzling, and the hikes soul stirring. And it's your holiday. The guides, the chef and camp attendants will do all the work while you do all the vacationing.

Luxury Trips on the Green River

Whitewater School Rafting Trip

Learn how to rig boats, pack food and pack equipment before we head out to Desolation Canyon for 5 days of whitewater rafting training.  During the rafting trip we teach you how to read water, row boats, cook outdoors, set up camp and then play fun camping games!  We also share information about the history, geology and biology of the Green River.  

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