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Canyonlands Hiking Trip

Journey Through Dinosaure National Monument
4 and 5 Day Expditions

book onlineAs the only true free flowing river of the Colorado drainage, the Yampa is truly a wild untamed river. Traveling between 2000foot canyon walls deep in Dinosaur National Monument. This trip is an exploration into the wild, an unfrequented and secluded stretch of the river.

The early Rocky Mountain run off in May and June provides the canyon with fast moving water and roaring rapids. Theses adrenalin pumping rapids are balanced with calm water stretches. This giving way to take in the beautiful sights, some such as Steamboat Rock, Tiger Wall, Grand Overhang and Signature Cave. As the daylight falls and night skis come out free from the light pollution, a blanket of unbelievable show stopping stars takes the night.

Depending on water flow and estimated time of arrival to camp, there are many spectacular hikes some short and some long. Hiking to waterfalls, pictographs, and ancient Freemont Native American sites. Dinosaur National Monument is rich in history, a legacy of ancient rivers where the dinosaurs onced roamed. Where the ancient Freemont Naive Americans use to hunt to the early pioneer exploration in the 1951.     


Hiking and History on The Yampa


The Yampa River has a plethora of wonderful hikes. There are opportunities for hiking everyday depending on time.

Freemont Native American remnants can be found along hikes such as Echo Park, Whispering Cave, Jones hole, and Mantle Cave. Some of these hikes have petroglyphs and or pictographs. Jones Hole has a small waterfall depending on the water the level and the tome of year.

A glimpse into the Pioneer past has been preserved along the Yampa in Stubbs Cabin, Signature Cave, and Moonshine.  Hiking to turn of the century cabins to hideouts of outlaws from the wildwest.