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Rivers We Run:

We run 7 different stretches on three different rivers in the Colorado River system.  We are located conveniently located in the outdoor mecca of Moab Utah.   The river trips we run go through national parks, monuments, national historic areas, and wild and scenic rivers.

Join us for a Colorado River rafting adventure that will recharge your life, strengthen bonds of friendship and create memories to last a lifetime.

Colorado River Rafting:

Colorado River raftingThe Most famous of course is the Colorado River. The Colorado River is the lifeblood of the entire southwestern United States. Its powerful waters that start high on the Continental Divide in Colorado surge down the mountains and through America’s great Southwestern deserts all the way to Mexico. The river feeds thousands of communities along the way. 

Hidden along its path are wonderful steep-walled canyons that were carved by this powerful force of nature over the thousands of years. To experience the Colorado River up close and personal, on a few-day Colorado River rafting trip or a week-long Utah river rafting family vacation, is a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Cataract Canyon Rafting

Rafting Cataract Canyon on the Colorado RiverDeep within the boundaries of Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon offers a perfect balance between serene floating, incredible hiking, and fast-moving rapids. 300 million years of rock history, abstract sculpted sandstone spires, and ancient Anasazi petroglyphs and granaries grace Cataract Canyon.

There are beautiful beach camps and plenty of time to do all the great hikes and numerous camp activities. We stop daily for hikes up secret canyons only accessible by river. We'll visit Native American ruins, waterfalls in spring, incredible rock formations and simply enjoy the solitude. The longer trips allow for more hiking and time in camp. The Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park offers some of the most outstanding hikes in all of Utah.

The trips in May and June in Cataract Canyon have some of the biggest and most challenging whitewater in the United States. This is a thrill seeker's dream, with stunningly powerful rapids. For those seeking "moderate" excitement, late summer trips feature rapids that have fun rolling waves.

Westwater Canyon Rafting:

Westwater Canyon is a proposed Wild & Scenic River and combines all the components of a classic river trip: excellent whitewater, charming campsites, and great hikes. Part of the time you will drift leisurely at the rivers pace; then there is one day of extremely fun rapids. The Colorado River forces its way into narrow Black Granite Gorge forming renowned rapids like Little Hummer, Funnel Falls, Last Chance and the infamous Skull Rapid.

Moab Rafting (Fisher Towers)

Moab River RaftingThe fisher towers section is a beautiful stretch of the Colorado River, with moderate class I-II rapids suitable for everyone. Boat options include oarboats, inflatable kayaks, and sometimes paddleboats. Mild Rapids make this section of the Colorado River especially fun for beginning rafters and perfect for young families. The river is wide and warm, making swimming extremely inviting on those very warm summer days.

Green River Rafting:

Green River RaftingAlong it's lengths the Green River has fun whitewater, charming camp sites on sandy beaches, stunning geological features and ancient and recent western history. Plenty of historical figures have traversed the Green Rivers banks including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hiding from the law, and Major John Wesley Powell exploring and mapping the rivers course.

Gates of Lodore Canyon:

Gates of LodoreThe Gates of Lodore on The Green River is one of the most popular trips Sheri Griffith Expeditions runs. It offers all the elements of a classic river trip: great hikes, exciting whitewater, beautiful beaches and colorful history. This is a journey into a spectacular wilderness. This trip has lots of activities and action. You can choose between paddling with friends in a paddleboat, taking on the rapids with one of our inflatable kayaks or relaxing in one of the oarboats.

Desolation Canyon:

Desolation CanyonDesolation Canyon offers 84 miles of 50 class I-III rapids that start the second day of the trip and build each day until the largest and best rapids the last day. These rapids are full of big rolling waves, not difficult but exciting and great fun - perfect for learning to maneuver an inflatable kayak.

Labyrinth Canyon:

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green RiverLabyrinth Canyon offers a graceful float through a bounty of southwestern vistas and red sandstone cliffs. Spectacular buttes and mesas rise over 1,500 feet above the river floor. This trip is perfect for paddling your own sleek kayak or sharing a two-person kayak with a friend. Because few people travel here, Labyrinth Canyon is the perfect trip for those who want a quiet getaway.

Yampa River:

Yampa River RaftingThe Yampa River through the Dinosaur National Monument has it all! As the last free-flowing river in the entire Colorado River drainage, the Yampa is incredibly wild in May and June. The Rocky Mountain spring run off creates big roaring rapids with an average descent of 12-14 feet per mile. The gradient at Teepee Rapid is an amazing 31 feet per mile!

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