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Moab Gay Adventure Week

Moab Pride River Trip

Moab Pride Sheri Griffith River Expeditions is a proud sponsor of the Moab Pride Festival. Again this year we are giving away a river trip at the Moab Pride Festival. And now we are offering a 1 day Westwater Canyon trip starting Sept 26 with part of the proceeds going to Moab Pride.

Westwater Canyon rafting is a classic Colorado River adventure. Journey though 1.7 billion year old black rock, topped by towering 1000 foot red rock sandstone spires. Our paddleboats are great for adventure seekers who want to get “up close and personal” with the rapids, and our Oarboats are perfect for those who just want to enjoy the ride with a more mellow experience.

New Gates of Lodore date for 2014

Gates of LodoreThe Gates of Lodore on the Green River is one of the most popular trips Sheri Griffith River Expeditions runs.  We have just added July 7th date to our 2014 Calendar. This means we have launches on June 8, 14, 19 and July 7, 31.

This trip combines all the elements of a classic whitewater river trip: great hikes, exciting whitewater, beautiful beaches and colorful history. Take a journey into a spectacular wilderness.

Because we have so few trips through Gates of Lodore almost all our dates sellout quickly. Book your trip now!

Latest update on Arlo's Cancer Journey:

Arlo Cancer Journey
    • I am doing a SLC study and NOT going to NYC
    • The drug is PD1. (Which is short for something. All I remember is the “D “is for Death)
    • It helps boost my immune system.
    • Day 1 is about 4 hours long. Then blood tests day 2.
    • Then the drug will be about 2-3 hours every other week.
    • Drug company will pay for Room and board and most things in this study. 
    • I can stay at home for the most part.
    • SLC is now my kind of commute