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Specialty TripsSheri Griffith Expeditions offers a variety of specialty trips tailored to different interests including Kosher, Family Only, Women Only and Luxury Journeys. Each journey has special elements for those looking for a different twist to their river vacation


Kosher Rafting Vacations

Kosher TripHave you been looking for a great outdoor vacation, but you’re worried about keeping your Kosher standards?  Sheri Griffith Expeditions offers all-inclusive chartered trips for groups of 8 to 25 guests that are fully Kosher. Feel at ease with as a group planner designs the perfect rafting trip. All Kosher trips are chartered and designed to fit the individual needs of your group or family. Come explore and be amazed at the incredible beauty of the Southwest. Call 1.800.332.2439 to speak with a Vacation Specialist!!!

2016 Kosher 4 Day Cataract Canyon Trip:  August 28, 2016

Family River Rafting

Family River RaftingThe rivers of the southwest offer the perfect family vacation and have something fun for all family members. Travel down the river in your choice of paddleboats, oarboats, or inflatable kayaks. River rafting offers quality time and many experiences for strengthening family relationships. There is adventure time, quiet time, interaction and reflection time and lots of time to play. Our trips are presented in some of the world’s finest wild areas, with comfort, great food and some of the finest people you will ever meet.

Luxury River Trips

Luxury River RaftingOur Expeditions in Luxury trips are the only trips of their kind on the Colorado River. From oversized tents, linen covered tables and gourmet meals prepared by your chef to mind-boggling vistas and the spectacular sunsets of the west; the contrast between the rugged nature of the river and the evening comforts of your personal bungalow is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

Multisport Trips

Moab AdventuresWe offer Multisport Packages that are a combination of thrills and chills! From biking through the legendary slickrock terrain to jaw dropping rappelling and roaring whitewater rapids, these trips are not for the faint of heart. Activities options can include off-road Hummer tours, canyoneering, mountain biking famous slickrock trails, jet boat rides, a horseback trail ride, guided hikes to secret amphitheatres and hidden arches and whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.

Custom Tailored Trips

Group Trips Sheri Griffith Expeditions makes it easy to plan the perfect group getaway. Whether you’re part of an adventure club or looking for a fun and easy family reunion, Sheri Griffith Expedition’s group planner can help guide you through creating the ideal Experience. Rafting vacations are a wonderful and bonding experience when shared with family, friends, co-workers or club members. Our responsive and creative Guest Services staff can develop multi-sport packages, book lodging, restaurants and conference space, provide transportation options and more. We have an online real time reservations system that makes it easy for your group members to sign up for the trip. This system will automatically track and send out information to you group. A trip packet containing an itinerary, packing list, helpful travel hints, area information and a travel insurance brochure will be sent to every member that signs up. This means you don’t have to organize anything and can just enjoy the trip.

Women Only Retreats

Women Only River TripsThese women-only trips feature a balance of adventure and rejuvenation. The whitewater is exciting and heart pounding; the slower river sections offer spectacular scenery to quiet the soul. Challenge yourself, reconnect with loved ones or just escape, whatever your motivation, this trip is for you.