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Family River rafting

Family River Rafting

As this being the Year the Family we’d like to share our family with you. This is a family run business and we consider our staff to be family. From the guides, office staff to drivers to you our guest. Sheri Griffiths hires people who share the love for the outdoors, and caries the same moral compass and standards as the family.

Jose Tejada with his oldest son Arlo Tejada (current owners) bought the company in 2005 but has been a part of the Griffith family for many years. Jose started guiding for the company in 1984 and Arlo was raised on the river gear boating by the young age of 12.

Sheri was a pioneer in the river rafting business and in the mid '80s Sheri was elected the first woman president of the Western River Guides Association, where she helped create the America Outdoors Association, giving the guiding community from East and West a common voice in Washington. Arlo is currently serving on the board and was the youngest member elected to serve and has served on the board for over 8 years. It was the common love to share the outdoors as well as preserving and protecting the river that lead Sheri to pass the family business to Jose and Arlo.


What does this mean for you and your 2014 Summer Vacation?

It means it is time to see why so many people love these trips. Grab some family and choose the trip that will be perfect for your family.

Types of Family Trips:

We define Family Trips in several different ways here at SGRE.  There are 5 different family trips for you to choose from: 

Classic Magic Family Trip:

Family River Rafting on the Green RiverThese trips are all about the younger kids and playing in the outdoors.  We structure the activities for the kids to play and the adults to relax.  The guides take the kids to build sandcastles, or play king of the ducky. The parents can join the fray. Or relax and let the guides take on kid packs of on magical explorations. 

What are our Goals for your family?  Your family gets a refreshed escape  with an easy, no hassle vacation. The kids will not stop talking about their favorite guide. And you are the hero of the PERFECT vacation.

Is this for your family? Great way to introduce the kids to the wonders of the river rafting. Including marshmallows, fireside stories, water fights, and sandcastles. There is also time for parents to relax and enjoy each other as the guides take the kids for learning nature walks.

River Sections:

2 Day: Moab Family River Rafting
5 Day Family Trips on the Green River:

The Young at Heart Family Trip:

family river rafting-3 gensThis is for the mutli-generational trips.  The trips are designed to get those that may not have ventured out for a while to enjoy the rivers at a relaxed pace. These trips are a great time for reconnecting with family members.  There is plenty of camp time and free time to tell stories, relink and enjoy some of life’s great moments with the ones you love. 

What are our Goals for your family? Reconnection. Get to hang out with your love ones in a relaxed, fun and easy environment.

Is this for your family?These are river vacations designed to allow time to spend with those that you do not get to see a lot.  A relaxed pace and plenty of camp time is weaved into the itinerary of these trips.

River Sections:
5 day Yampa River
2 day Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River

Family Action Trips:
paddleboat action

Lets paddle and get into the action trips.  These trips are for the mature type families. The trip is about the action of the whitewater and the hiking to various point of interests on the river.  They are good trips for those that do not really want to water fight or hang out with younger kids. Most trips we can bring inflatable kayaks,  and paddleboats to add to the action.

What are our goals for your family? Family Bonding on some of our more exciting and heart beating trips. 

Is this for your family? These trips offer our most exciting whitewater. These trips are more than just whitewater we will also focus on hikes and exploring the side canyons of the rivers.

River Sections:
June Sights of Cataract Canyon (may not have paddleboats or Inflatable kayaks because of the big whitewater)
4 day Untammed Yampa River
4 day July Highlights of Cataract Canyon
5 day Sea Kayaking of Labyrinth Canyon (no whitewater but lots of fun paddling)

Experience it all Family Vacation

Moab Rafting adventuresMore than rafting on this vacation,  and a good way to experience a variety of the great activities in Moab. This holiday has a bit less camping and more stays in resorts.  The are tons of activities to choose from: mountain biking, horseback riding,  guided hikes, hummer tours, jeep rentals, canyoneering, national park tours, hot air balloon ride, sky diving, jetboat rides on the Colorado,  scenic flights over Canyonlands,  and zip line tour.  Not including running  a one day trip on the Colorado River.  Our published dates here are all inclusive; meals, rooms and activities.

What are our Goals for your family? These trips allow your family to try a variety of activities in the Moab area. The all-inclusive nature of the trip means you just have to show up and the rest is taken care of.

Is this for your family? This trip is for those that want to experience several activities in a short amount of time. Of course you can always extended the vacation and add on activities.

River Sections:
4 day/ 3 night Moab Adventure Vacation
5 day /4 night Colorado River Multi-sport Adventure
(we can extend your vacations by adding any of these activities to any of our river trips) 

Luxury Just for Your Family Trips:

luxury river tripsCharter an Expedition in Luxury trip for your family to get the family member that does not like camping into the great outdoors. Rest off the ground in sleeping cots and large tents made up with high-quality bedding and fresh linens. A bedside table and nightlight for reading — all set up for you. We add luxury’s pick the trip you want to do with you family and we customize everything to your family needs.

What are our Goals for your family? Not to lift a finger. These trips are designed to get those family members that don’t camp to enjoy the SGRE style of “Glamping.”

Is this for your family? Great Food, no hassle, camping in the easiest style there is on the river. If you want any type of custom option we can do it.

River Sections:
Sights of Cataract Canyon for 5 Days/ 4 Nights:
Majestic Canyons of the Green River for 5 Days/ 4 Nights:
All Sections can be customized and add the Luxury option.